Episode 100: 20 Experts on Enablement’s Evolution in 2020

For Episode 100, we look at where sales enablement has been, where it is today, and what the future holds.

Episode 81: Jennifer Wahl on Best Practices for Professional Services Enablement

Jenn Wahl shares actionable tips to enable professional services teams, including how to align with pre-sales teams, deliver training, and measure success.

Episode 128: Radhika Parashar on Creating a Vibrant Culture in a Virtual World

Radhika Parashar discusses advice for building and nurturing a healthy culture in a virtual environment through sales enablement.

Episode 153: Jeff Depa on Enablement’s Role in Driving Consistent Rep Performance

Jeff Depa shares his perspective on the value that enablement can bring revenue teams by driving consistent and repeatable performance.

Episode 165: Jill Guardia on Managing Transitions with Flexibility and Agility

Jill Guardia shares advice for practitioners navigating change, including transitioning roles, adapting to new leadership, and more.

Episode 152: Michelle Anthony on Building Agility and Empathy Across Revenue Teams

Michelle Anthony shares advice for how leaders can empower resilience among their teams to drive engagement and retention.

Forrester: The Future Of Sales Enablement Is The C-Suite – Soirée, San Francisco

Mary Shea: It’s great to be here. Good afternoon everyone. These are the die hard sales enablement practitioners that I love so much. It’s great to see you. As Jake mentioned, I’m super passionate about the space. I’ve been following it for quite some time. And we’ve been conducting a lot of …

No Paper: Modern Sales Plays

In sales, paper playbooks just don't cut it anymore. To meet the needs of the modern buyer, salespeople need to be enabled with digital sales plays.

Convincing the C-Suite: Executive Buy-In – Sales Enablement Soirée, Spring 2020

Shawnna Sumaoang: Welcome to today’s panel on Convincing the C-Suite and Getting Executive Buy-In. I’m excited to have my panel of leading sales enablement experts with us to discuss how to have your C-Suite be not only your stakeholder, but your champion during today’s economic times. I’d like for each of my …

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