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Nick is a chartered manager and holds an MBA from Edinburgh Napier University with a specialism in Leadership & Innovation. Experienced Sales Training (Sales Methodologies including Solution and Value selling) & creating onboarding programmes using LMS as well as supporting GTM strategies through collaboration and driving adoption of change management programmes. He's experienced across a number of platforms including various Sales Enablement solutions and Salesforce.


Director of Sales Enablement
March, 2021 – Current


Responsibility and accountability for leading and growing the Sales Enablement function at Advanced; one of the UK's largest providers of business software and services with a turnover of over £320m, 20,000 customers and 2,700 employees, across all sites with a focus on developing and sharing best practice resulting in best-in-class sales processes. The role covers strategic leadership of Sales Enablement including our new Sales Training Academy, M&A Integration (GTM), Bids & Tenders, Solutions, Partner Enablement and Compliance. Our focus is on value creation, growth and ensuring that all processes, technologies and structures are fit for purpose to allow exponential scaling. We enable our customers to drive efficiencies, savings and growth opportunities through right-first-time software solutions that evolve with the changing needs of their business and the markets they operate in. Our technology and services simplify complex business challenges and deliver immediate value for public sector, enterprise commercial and health & care organisations. True partnership is the defining factor that makes us different to the competition.

Head of Sales Enablement, Bids & M&A Integration
October, 2019 – March, 2021


Advanced have an aggressive M&A Strategy and a large part of the role is standardising our operating procedures where possible, while working closely with newly acquired businesses to learn from them and embed them into the Advanced business through culture change and business transformation programmes. The role also covered the core Sales Enablement team and Bids & Tenders.

Sales Enablement Consultant
July, 2019 – October, 2019


Responsible for picking up reactive Sales Enablement projects and building out a team and project strategy for the future. The role was based around working with the Sales Directors and Divisional MD's to ensure that there was a clear and robust plan of all projects while aggregating themes and trends to ensure maximum impact.

Non Executive Director
Birmingham Diocese Multi-Academy Trust
June, 2017 – Current


The Multi-Academy Trust launched on 1st September 2017 with just six schools; we are currently now at 16 schools making us one of the fastest growing MAT's in the country. I have been a business advisor to the board of trustees since its inception as well as being a sub-member of the Finance & Resource Commmittee. BDMAT recognises that the future of schools lies in formal collaborations: schools working together, in partnership, to offer life in all its fullness for the young people who attend them. It seeks to provide a place where schools can continue to provide high quality education, knowing that their particular ethos will be protected into the future.

Chief Executive Officer
Patton Ambrose Limited
January, 2016 – September, 2020


Patton Ambrose is a Sales Enablement and transformational business consultancy focusing on innovation through best practice and bespoke commercial methodologies. For more information, please visit or call us on +44 (0) 330 133 0120

Change Management
Cross-functional Collaboration
Project Management
Sales Enablement
Sales Guidance
Sales Operations
Sales Plays
Sales Process

Adult Learning

Successful learning experiences arm learners with the skills they need to turn learning into action. Learn best practices to engage adult learners, ensure learning sticks, and ultimately drive business impact through sales readiness programs.

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Collaborative Relationships

Sales enablement is an inherently collaborative role, and as such it is essential that practitioners build collaborative relationships with teams across the organization. Learn how sales enablement practitioners can nurture professional relationships by identifying key stakeholders and cross-functional partners, and utilizing strategies to best engage with each.

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Enablement Charter

A successful sales enablement charter maps the foundation from which to build every sales enablement initiative. Learn how to set your sales enablement function up for success from the onset, from defining key objectives to justifying your budget.

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Project Management

Sales enablement practitioners are the ultimate project managers. Learn how sales enablement can ensure that projects start off on the right track, achieve desired results, and stay aligned with stakeholders from start to finish.

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Sales Personas

Developing a deep understanding of who sales enablement serves and what goals to strive for is essential to building successful sales enablement initiatives. Learn how practitioners can work with various sales personas to enlist support and create effective sales enablement initiatives.

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The Sales Landscape

Developing a deep understanding of how your sellers operate and factors that impact their success – both internally and externally – is critical for sales enablement to help sellers reach their goals. Learn how sales enablement can work to reduce complexities and implement resources to help salespeople succeed.

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Sales Enablement Professional Certification

Unlock your full potential by becoming a certified sales enablement professional.

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