Sales Enablement Maturity Report 2021

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Understanding how to develop the most effective sales enablement strategy is an evolutionary process. Maturation in sales enablement requires time to pilot new initiatives and measure results to know how to improve. This past year has shown that change drives innovation and thus, evolution. We surveyed over 350 professionals involved in sales enablement at their organizations to better understand how to improve sales enablement efforts to directly drive revenue and business performance.

The second annual Sales Enablement Maturity Report details the evolution of the maturity of the sales enablement industry as well as the correlation of mature sales enablement strategies to improved business outcomes within five key focus areas. With the increase in demand for coaching expertise in the industry, coaching has been added as its own key focus area this year.

  • Training: The management and maintenance of onboarding and training programs significantly impacts rep performance.
  • Coaching: When organizations are highly effective in optimizing their coaching programs through the use of data, respondents report improved quota attainment.
  • Content: The ability to secure executive buy-in on sales content efforts is correlated with driving improved quota attainment.
  • Guidance: Building sales processes and plays to support key go-to-market motions results in considerable win rate improvements.
  • Engagement: Utilizing data to track engagement activities and enhance customer interactions is tied to higher win rates.

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