State of Sales Enablement Report 2021

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The linchpin of sales enablement success in 2021 is resilience amid change. As organizations responded to the pressing challenges of the pandemic in the past year, sales enablement became key to helping revenue teams effectively navigate transformation. In looking ahead to the next year and beyond, sales enablement can continue to help revenue leaders confront the challenges that come with uncertainty head-on and ensure a smooth transition back to in-person or hybrid work environments.

In the seventh edition of the State of Sales Enablement Report, learn how sales enablement can optimize efforts to maximize business impact across three key areas:

  • Consistent Rep Performance: The ability to achieve quota quarter-after-quarter creates more predictable and scalable revenue, and sales enablement plays a crucial role in arming reps with the tools and behaviors they need to consistently perform.
  • Collaboration with Revenue Stakeholders: When enablement is well-aligned to the strategic goals of revenue leaders, practitioners are better poised to collaborate with stakeholders across the business to influence revenue growth from pre-sales to post-sales.
  • Enablement Insights for Impact: Revenue leaders need actionable analytics on progress against key objectives to accurately forecast, plan, and execute growth strategies, and sales enablement is well-positioned to surface these data-backed insights.

Sales enablement can accelerate the strategic change needed for organizations to maintain high performance in a rapidly evolving business landscape. As organizations continue to recognize and invest in its ability to propel progress against revenue targets, it is imperative for practitioners to prioritize the areas of sales enablement that can provide the greatest opportunities for impact. To learn how, download the full report today.

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