We’ve created a certification path to guide you through every step of your professional journey. Whether you are just establishing your sales enablement function, or looking to distinguish yourself as an expert, our courses will:

  • Give you unlimited access to videos, tools, and articles featuring expertise delivered directly from experts
  • Help you create actionable plans to implement or optimize sales enablement at your own organization
  • Deliver the most comprehensive professional development materials for you to excel and move forward in your career

Learn from the best, bolster your credentials, and unlock your potential with Sales Enablement PRO Certifications.

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Each course contains 4 lessons, with each providing access to exclusive materials and expert knowledge.

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Course-level packages provide practitioners with a holistic knowledge base. Current Certifications include Professional, Expert, and Sales Readiness with more on the way.

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Sales Enablement Professional Certificate

Sales Enablement Professional

The best place to start. This certification gives you practical ideas that will help increase the impact of your company’s sales enablement initiatives and guide the growth of your sales enablement function.


PRO Course

Adult Learning

Learn best practices to engage adult learners, ensure learning sticks, and ultimately drive business impact through sales readiness programs.

PRO Course

Collaborative Relationships

Learn how practitioners can nurture professional relationships by identifying key stakeholders and utilizing strategies to best engage with them.

PRO Course

Enablement Charter

Learn how to set your sales enablement function up for success from the onset, by creating a charter, defining key objectives, and justifying your budget.

PRO Course

Project Management

Learn how sales enablement can ensure that projects start off on the right track, achieve desired results, and stay aligned with stakeholders from start to finish.

PRO Course

Sales Personas

Learn how to work with various sales personas to better understand their needs, enlist support, and create effective sales enablement initiatives.

PRO Course

The Sales Landscape

Learn how sales enablement can work to reduce complexities for sellers in the field and implement resources to help salespeople succeed.

Sales Enablement Expert Certificate

Sales Enablement Expert

Have a couple years of sales enablement experience under your belt and ready to take your efforts to the next level? This certification prepares you to become an expert at the sales enablement discipline and craft.


PRO Course

Sales Career Progression

Learn how practitioners can help reps advance their careers, gain leadership skills, and achieve professional goals through sales enablement programs.

PRO Course

Strategic Initiatives

Learn best practices to develop, align, measure, and communicate your sales enablement strategy to drive business value for your organization.

PRO Course

Competency Modeling

Learn best practices to define, align, validate, and measure competency in your organization, in order to foster growth and maximize business impact.

PRO Course

Change Management

Learn how to successfully navigate change by establishing a new vision, reinforcing change with effective communication, and embedding change into corporate culture.

PRO Course

Cross-Team Collaboration

Learn how to foster valuable collaboration by maximizing stakeholder alignment, enhancing cross-team accountability, and problem-solving proactively.

PRO Course

Pipeline Velocity

Learn how to guide reps to quickly advance opportunities by ensuring sales forecasting accuracy and empowering revenue growth.

Sales Readiness Initiative

Looking for a deep dive on a key enablement initiative? This certification teaches you best practices and valuable skills about sales readiness to prepare your sales reps for success.


PRO Course


Learn how to accelerate new rep productivity at scale by engaging creatively, leveraging virtual best practices, and measuring onboarding success.

PRO Course


Learn how to design interactive sales training programs, increase reps' retention, deliver effective virtual training, and measure the return on investment.

PRO Course


Learn how enablement can deliver impactful coaching, maintain consistent rep behaviors, and measure impact to iterate and improve.

Sales Guidance Initiative

Wanting to implement a new sales methodology or sales plays? This certification will help you improve your sales process and equip reps with the resources they need to enhance their interactions with buyers.


PRO Course

Sales Guidance Foundations

Learn how to set up the foundations for your sales guidance efforts with a sales methodology, sales stages, a buyer-centric sales process, and well-crafted sales plays.

PRO Course

Building Sales Plays

Learn how to build effective sales plays by syndicating the right knowledge, defining messaging, curating supporting assets, and clarifying action items for reps.

PRO Course

Deploying Sales Plays

Learn how to deploy effective sales plays to support your revenue teams through packaging, deploying, motivating teams, and measuring results.

Sales Content Initiative

The right content delivered to the right audience can play a powerful role in winning deals and driving revenue. With this certification, learn how enablement can streamline content efforts to deliver assets that deepen customer relationships, align to business goals, and build confidence in reps. 


PRO Course

Content Mapping

Sales content can give organizations a powerful advantage in accelerating and even winning deals.

PRO Course

Content Governance

Curating a collection of accurate, relevant, and engaging content requires dedicated effort to ensure that reps are sharing the right content at the right time.

PRO Course

Amplifying Sales Content

Learn how sales enablement can play a key role in making sales content a strategic lever and develop strategies to ensure content engages buyers and delivers results.

Unlimited Access

Get access to ALL certifications and courses as soon as they are released. Earn badges and certificates as you go, and never miss out on new opportunities to learn. This deal also gives you the best value for your money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's this course for?

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in developing essential sales enablement skills and knowledge, directly from industry experts. Whether you are wanting to enter the field, looking to establish a sales enablement function within your organization, or seeking ways to advance your sales enablement career, Sales Enablement PRO courses provide the tools and resources you need to succeed at any stage.

Does this course cover everything I need to know to be a sales enablement professional?

While sales enablement is a rapidly evolving field with many paths for development, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to the foundational skills and knowledge needed to hit the ground running. We hope this course will provide you with the tools and resources needed to fine-tune your skills and excel within the field, while inspiring you to further pursue areas of interest. As we release more courses, lessons will cover specific topics more in-depth, but the existing courses are an excellent place to start.

I’d love to get my whole team certified, do you have any discounts for teams?

Yes! Reach out to info@salesenablement.pro for more information on team discounts and plans.

Is the coursework mandatory?

Yes, all participants will have to complete the required assessments, worksheets, and readings for each course in order to become certified. All coursework is designed to walk you through practical exercises which can be taken back to managers or teams to be implemented, so investing time into coursework is recommended in order to get the most out of your learning.

What do I need to complete to become certified?

Each course contains four lessons. Each lesson contains required materials including a video, text, assessment, and worksheet. Once a course is complete, you will receive a badge on your profile page. We also offer certifications, which are made up of several courses. Once a certification is complete, you will receive a certificate of completion and notice on your profile page.

Is there a way of staggering prices to make courses more affordable?

We’re committed to providing expertise to practitioners at every stage of their careers, and are happy to discuss payment plans to meet your needs. For more information about available discounts or alternative pricing options, email info@salesenablement.pro.

Is this course suitable for entry-level sales enablement practitioners?

Our courses cater to practitioners of all experience levels. For beginners, or those wishing to explore the sales enablement field, our introductory courses will provide an overview of key aspects of sales enablement, including ways to get to know the sales enablement space and explore career options. Courses provide plenty of useful information, exercises, and ways to develop critical skills for more experienced practitioners, or those just wishing to hone certain skills, as well.

How long will it take to complete?

Each course contains four lesson, and each lesson takes between 20 – 30 minutes to complete thoughtfully. We encourage learners to work through content at their own pace, or pause when needed. All lessons can be completed in isolation, but build off of each other in order to provide a holistic view of each topic.

What if this course ends up not being right for me?

If for any reason the sales enablement course does not feel like it is meeting your needs, please contact info@salesenablement.pro to discuss the process for withdrawing from the course.

What happens if I don’t pass the assessments?

Assessments can be taken as many times as you need in order to pass. If you fail the first time, you can try again after reviewing the content or even come back later. However, passing all assessments is required to become certified.

Which browser should I use?

We recommend that you use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. If you’re unable to access course content, clear cookies, and cache on your browser, and then try to access the page again. This will require you to log back in. If you continue to run into issues, please contact .

How do you get assistance while in the certification program?

If you need any assistance while going through the certification program, please contact info@salesenablement.pro with your concerns. Sales Enablement PRO will work with you to identify ways to aid you successfully through the program.

How can I share my certification with my network?

To add your certification to LinkedIn, add a profile section onto your LinkedIn profile. Find “Add Licenses and Certifications” and use the relevant information to share your certification, including the issuing organization, date, and credential ID. To find this information, or to share to Facebook or Twitter, use the social media buttons at the bottom of your completed course.

Will these courses grant me access to future courses released by Sales Enablement PRO?

If you purchase the Sales Enablement PRO Certification Unlimited Access option, you will receive unlimited access to all courses including future courses as they are released without an additional cost.

How often can I expect new courses to be released?

Sales Enablement PRO will release new courses monthly in order to guide ongoing learning, delve deeper into key topics of sales enablement, and provide learners with paths to professional development. Keep up with announcements and newsletters from Sales Enablement PRO for the latest updates.

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