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I am an original and proven enablement practitioner and thought leader, demonstrating scalable analytical, technical and team development skills. I am committed to increasing seller efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement through the utilization of training, coaching, sales acceleration tools and data-driven analytics. I am tenacious in my pursuit of challenges and excel in fast paced environments, the more difficult the better. I have no problem "building the plane mid-flight"


Global Head, Digital Sales Enablement
January, 2011 – Current


As the Global Head of Digital Sales Enablement my duty is to provide Global Sales associates with the Operational infrastructures they need to maximize production and grow their businesses. this includes: Sales processes & tools: Evaluation, selection, set up and ongoing ownership of all sales-related processes, documentation and tools (including, but not limited to, sales presentations, sales process guides, training materials, sales enablement materials, training and utilization and coordination with Marketing. Operational Enablement: Holistic review of business process to streamline operations. Overall coordination and development of teams, identifying and attending to tasks required for the efficient operations of the department. This may include scheduling, planning meetings or events, working with marketing on joint projects, capturing action items and driving them forward with the appropriate parties, etc. Lead Generation and scoring: Ongoing involvement with activities and efforts related to lead generation and distribution, customer experience and segmentation, deployment and support of new technologies and tools with an overall effort to identify and exploit growth opportunities Reporting & analysis: Actively work within the sales organization to effectively analyze the metrics, measurements, and reporting of sales data in effort to align and support the business strategies and objectives to optimize both short term and long term performance Planning and processes: Collaborate in the creation of sales planning, goals, and processes to assist sales leadership and sales team in achieving quotas and goals. Director of International Enablement Jan 2018 - Sept 2021 Sales Enablement Manager Sept 2015 - Jan 2018 Sr. Lead Sales Enablement Nov 2014 - Sept 2015 Sr. Sales Support Analyst Jan 2013- Nov 2014 Sr. Training Specialist Jan 2011-Jan 2013

Sales Enablement

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