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Dynamic and accomplished Enablement Executive with over 20 years of experience in global operations, training, and strategic enablement. I create and implement comprehensive enablement strategies that drive sales readiness, and deliver significant business results. My expertise spans leadership development, cross-functional collaboration, training and development, global enablement, program management, performance consulting, strategic initiatives, conflict resolution, and process improvement.


Former Global Enablement Lead
Denver, Co
February, 2022 – May, 2023


Established and managed global enablement initiatives, focusing on the evolution and execution of strategies for onboarding and continual education of the global field workforce. Fostered growth of the enablement team to optimize resource allocation, aligning them with strategic priorities and technological needs. Selected Contributions: • Initiated and led the Enablement Council for continuous feedback and alignment of business-result oriented programs. • Devised a blended approach for a new hire program, leading to an 85% certification rate for over 100 sellers. • Organized bi-weekly sessions with an 80% seller participation rate, fostering sales-readiness. • Formulated a governance framework for product launches and playbooks, now a standard for enablement, product marketing, and partner organizations. • Successfully identified training content gaps, leading to the implementation of a new LMS (Workday) and a Sales Enablement platform (Highspot). • Facilitated over 2000 internal content views with an average viewing time of 4.2 hours by creating easily accessible information smart pages. • Implemented key trackers and usage metrics for Gong and Outreach to evaluate performance and provide consistent feedback.

VP, Global Sales Enablement
Monster WW
Weston, MA
July, 2017 – February, 2022


Steered the creation, implementation, and delivery of sales training programs supporting 400+ sales representatives and managers worldwide to meet and exceed sales objectives. Selected Contributions: • Co-founded the global Women at Monster Employee Resource Group, orchestrating its charter, calendar of events, and external speaker series. • Designed and conducted a Field Certification program to enhance the positioning and sale of four key Monster solutions, achieving 100% participation and sparking a 10% growth in new solution opportunities. • Conducted comprehensive needs and gap analyses in conjunction with business stakeholders and senior leadership to pinpoint enablement necessities in alignment with business goals. • Revitalized the new hire sales program in accordance with sales enablement best practices. • Introduced fresh processes and programs for product launches, spearheaded the creation of a global new hire program, and led the worldwide launch of MEDDIC, HighSpot, and Sales Loft.

Dir, Business Transformation & Strategy, Field Enablement
DellEMC Corporation
May, 2016 – July, 2017


Oversaw strategic training and enablement activities for Dell and EMC's global field workforce, bolstering their efficacy in customer engagement. Selected Contributions: • Commanded a global team of 25 Program Managers, directing the design, delivery, and deployment of field training to support Go to Market strategies for over 10,000 field users. • Collaborated with cross-functional teams from Dell and EMC to enhance efficiencies within the sales organization, providing expert guidance to ensure consistent program management and support. • Implemented improvements and advancements to processes to boost productivity and enrich user experience in partnership with key sales and operational leaders. • Coordinated operational training sessions and Dell/EMC sales kick-offs for more than 450 executives, including Michael Dell.

Director, Global Operations and Training
EMC Corporation
Hopkinton, MA
September, 2000 – May, 2016


Managed global operations and training across North America with a team of 215 staff members over a 16-year span. Duties included standardizing operational roles for over 175 global personnel, developing training programs for worldwide sales representatives and managers, and implementing new operational technology for 2000 to 35000 users, encompassing SFDC, Oracle ERP, and MEDDIC. Selected Contributions: • Oversaw the training definition and delivery strategy for EMC's largest global ERP system, impacting over 35,000 users. • Conceived and executed a global communications strategy that included All Hands meetings and achieved a 90% approval rating for content and method from participants. • Developed a worldwide service catalog of tasks and processes, establishing training and communication programs for consistency. • Commissioned by the SVP of global operations to build a consistent and effective training and communication method for worldwide personnel. • Achieved a 20% reduction in training costs through innovative methods such as web-based training, centralized document management, and internal forums. • Led cross-functional initiatives to increase efficiencies and reduce costs in Field Operations training, resulting in standardized job titles and descriptions for 1,300 worldwide staff. • Created a high-quality accreditation training program and a global operations portal, achieving a global program completion rate of 83% and a US completion rate of 95%.

Change Management
Sales Enablement
Sales Operations
Sales Process

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