Survey: Sales Enablement Analytics 2021

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As the revenue enablement space evolves, so too does the necessity to accurately measure its impact across revenue-facing teams. This survey aims to provide insight into the metrics practitioners are currently using to measure the success of sales enablement efforts across the entire revenue organization, while continuing to demonstrate the impact of that success against the business’ bottom line.

The survey questions will examine metrics across three core categories:

Sales Performance: The key metrics and tools that demonstrate pipeline health and the performance of revenue teams.
Sales Proficiency: The onboarding, ongoing training, coaching, and talent acquisition/retention metrics and tools that are important for success.
Sales Productivity: Analytics and tools used to measure sales efficiency, sales effectiveness, and buyer engagement.

By contributing your expertise to this survey, you will help us set the new standard for effective sales enablement. All participants that fully complete the survey will receive a $25 Amazon gift card as well as access to the full report.

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