Scaling Productivity Through AI

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Business demands seem to move faster every day, making efficiently driving sales productivity essential.

However, bandwidth is a concern for enablement teams and reps alike. As business demands speed up, these teams must keep pace, leaving less time for crucial but time-consuming tasks like personalizing buyer interactions and skill development.

To overcome the challenge of limited bandwidth, enablement teams can incorporate AI into their strategy, driving productivity with capabilities like automation and conversation intelligence. AI’s extensive capabilities accelerate an organization’s ability to effectively equip, train, and coach their reps while analyzing performance to increase overall productivity through increasing efficiency.

Below, learn more about driving productivity at scale with AI-powered enablement.

Increase Sales Teams’ Bandwidth by Leveraging AI

Automating routine tasks with AI enhances productivity at scale for sellers by eliminating time-consuming work, allowing reps to focus on more important tasks like fostering strong relationships with buyers. This can take many forms, including writing follow-up messages, summarizing information, and searching for content.

For example, reps may spend a significant portion of their workflow crafting buyer-specific follow-up messages to support buyer engagement. While these messages are essential to the buyer relationship, reps can minimize the time spent gathering information by leveraging AI.

Rather than creating new content from scratch or reviewing lengthy call notes, AI-powered tools can quickly comb through information to craft relevant, personalized messaging for buyers. With these important but tedious tasks streamlined, reps can dedicate more time to building strong, strategic relationships with buyers.

“In enablement specifically, the question I’d ask is what are your day-to-day tasks or workflows that you’re doing that could be automated or systematized using AI? Then, you’ll be spending more time with your brain and strategy versus creating a deck, one-pager, or making a training outline, which are all things that require kind of menial work,” said Jonathan Kvarfordt, founder of GTM AI Academy.

It’s important to consider AI as a complement to enablement’s existing capabilities rather than a replacement. AI automation functions like a teammate for sales teams, simplifying daily workflows and accelerating productivity.

“It’s about identifying what you can automate and do better and faster with AI so that you have more time to do the more impactful activities or requirements of the job,” said Kvarfordt.

Support Buyer Engagement With Conversation Intelligence

While automation is one way to support productivity for reps, sales teams cannot truly be effective without successfully engaging buyers. This requires an understanding of the unique priorities and needs of each buyer, and one way to equip reps to identify these needs at scale is with AI-powered conversation intelligence.

For example, these types of tools can help reps surface the most important topics from buyer interactions with automatically generated transcripts and meeting summaries. This can help reps better prepare for and guide future conversations toward buyers’ unique goals.

“AI is helping companies make much more intelligent decisions about which buyers they should engage with and when. We definitely see that in terms of conversation intelligence. Some of the big names are great companies because they’ve been able to build out capabilities where they can analyze unstructured verbal communications and, in the process, start to identify different types of sentiments,” said Arup Chakravarti, director of sales excellence at Equifax UK.

Ultimately, AI-powered conversation intelligence accelerates productivity by illuminating which buyers to focus on and when for reps. When reps know how and when to interact with buyers to land deals, they are better equipped to reach selling goals successfully.

“What AI does is help sellers within an organization be much smarter about identifying which companies are closer to making a buying decision,” said Chakravarti.

Well-equipped sellers foster engaged, productive relationships with buyers, and leveraging conversation intelligence tools is an efficient, AI-powered way to equip sellers to personalize buyer interactions at scale.

Boost Rep Development With AI-Powered Learning

Continuous skill development ensures that reps always have the best possible resources and expertise to successfully land deals. One way to develop reps’ skills without sacrificing their already limited bandwidth is to leverage AI tools to boost micro-learning.

AI-powered micro-learning opportunities empower reps to access the information they need at the moment of learning. This way, reps can locate and understand resources without interrupting their workflow or needing to include a third party to answer questions. As a result, reps are not only empowered to independently learn, but their productivity is improved with a streamlined, personalized learning experience.

“I do believe that AI and generative AI can absolutely personalize learning experiences and provide real-time performance insights, and also automate content delivery,” said Bana Kawar, global startup lead – sales and leadership enablement at Amazon Web Services. “You have a more agile and adaptive selling team when you use the resources that are available to you to help your learners grow in their own journey and remain obsessed with the right technology at the right time and the right way.”

AI-powered micro-learning brings development opportunities to reps when they need it most, building learning into daily workflows and ensuring consistent skill improvement.

The variety of options for enhancing learning with AI fuels productivity by providing reps with in-the-moment, individualized opportunities for development. With continuous development, reps are better prepared to engage buyers and carry out a seamless, successful buying experience.

Implementing AI-powered enablement is a powerful way to overcome bandwidth challenges and drive productivity at scale. By leveraging automation, conversation intelligence, and AI-powered learning, sales teams can focus on high-impact activities that foster stronger buyer relationships. As business demands continue to accelerate, integrating AI capabilities ensures that organizations stay ahead of the curve with well-equipped reps who can succeed in a rapidly evolving market.

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