Sales Enablement Soirée: Virtual Vs. In-Person: The Winning Sales Kickoff, Fall 2020

Cassandra Tenorio: Welcome to our panel on Virtual Versus In-Person the Winning Sales Kickoff. This is such an important topic for so many practitioners today, especially since a lot of them have really had to pivot their sales kickoff strategy to go virtual. And so I’m very excited to hear from our …

The Virtual Sales Kickoff: Best Practices for Before, During, and After

Learn how to deliver a virtual SKO, with tips for before, during, and after to ensure a comprehensive experience for revenue teams.

Hybrid Sales Kickoffs: A Guide to Surviving a New Approach to SKO

With hybrid events likely here to stay, learn how to create an SKO event that connects, celebrates, energizes, educates, and inspires.

Creating an Intake Process for Enablement Projects

Learn how to create an intaking process for enablement projects to better prioritize efforts and stay aligned with strategic business goals.

Cultivating a Culture of Learning Drives Success

Learn how enablement can foster a culture of learning that drives tangible impact and ultimately prepares sellers for buyer conversations.

Episode 127: Tisha Garza on Strengthening Soft Skills with Enablement

Tisha Garza shares advice on how to utilize sales enablement programs to help reps build soft skills, including how to measure improvement.

Sales Enablement PRO Awards 2022: How Cisco Optimizes Sales Content for Scale

Congratulations to Sales Enablement PRO Award winner the Enterprise Networks & Cloud Seller Content Team from Cisco. Learn more about the Sales Proficiency award winning initiative below. Sydney Lee: I’m excited to announce the winner of the 2022 Sales Enablement PRO Member Award for Business Impact on Sales Proficiency. Congratulations to Jonathan …

Sales Enablement PRO Awards 2022: Driving Sales Excellence at GoCardless

Congratulations to Sales Enablement PRO Award winner the Sales Enablement & Development Team at GoCardless. Learn more about the Best Enablement Team award recognition below. Sydney Lee: I’m excited to announce the winner of the 2022 Sales Enablement PRO Member Award for People’s Choice on Best Enablement Team. Congratulations to the sales …

Sales Enablement Soiree – Keynote: 5 Winning Sales Enablement Strategies

Jim Lundy, the founder and CEO at Aragon Research, talks about five sales enablement strategies to implement to help sales win.

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