Sales Enablement Maturity Report 2022

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Teams that survive challenging situations often see the most growth. As organizations prepare for a pending economic downturn, it will be crucial for enablement practitioners to focus their efforts on maturing their practices to transform into resilient, innovative enablement functions.

The third annual Sales Enablement Maturity Report explores how enablement teams have matured over the last year and highlights how they can drive more strategic impact by evolving their efforts. Learn how teams can improve their sales enablement efforts to drive revenue and business performance.

Key Findings:

  • Training: Having sufficient resourcing dedicated to the management and maintenance of training programs improves win rates.
  • Coaching: When organizations effectively use data to improve coaching efforts, they report higher quota attainment rates.
  • Content: Organizing content in a central repository improves the rep experience.
  • Guidance: When the sales process and plays are structured to drive tangible business results, organizations report improved win rates.
  • Engagement: When enablement helps reps cultivate personalized multi-channel experiences, buyer engagement improves.

Download the full report to learn how to improve enablement maturity today!

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