Sales Enablement Analytics Report 2022-2023

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As organizations navigate economic uncertainty, sales enablement must be able to track the business impact of its efforts to prove the value of enablement investments. The fourth annual Sales Enablement Analytics Report leverages quantitative and qualitative research to reveal the key metrics enablement teams are using to analyze the impact of their programs across sales performance, proficiency, and productivity. In addition to insights, this report provides actionable tips to optimize enablement programs and drive greater business performance this year.

Here are a few key findings from this year’s report:

  • Monitor Post-sales Revenue to Improve Customer Retention: Organizations that track the percentage of revenue from existing customers report a 5-percentage-point increase in average customer retention.
  • Capture Manager Feedback to Align on What Good Coaching Looks Like: Enablement teams that use sales manager feedback to assess coaching programs report a 10-percentage-point increase in average rep quota attainment.
  • Ensure Reps Can Find the Right Content to Improve Sales Efficiency: Teams that monitor the time reps spend searching for content report a 3-percentage-point increase in average win rates.

By leveraging analytics to understand enablement’s impact on the business, and iterate on current strategies, enablement leaders can maximize the success of their initiatives.

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