Compensation, Career Pathing, and DE&I in Enablement

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Enablement plays a critical role in empowering revenue teams to excel. This role allows practitioners to be at the forefront of driving strategic change in organizations. As businesses navigate economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for practitioners to solidify their seat at the table and pave the way for continued growth and advancement of enablement as a career.

In partnership with Women in Sales Enablement (WiSE), we conducted a powerful research study that uncovered insights around:

  • Sales enablement compensation and role satisfaction
  • How practitioners can effectively prepare for performance reviews
  • How enablement teams can foster career development for their employees
  • The impact that DE&I initiatives have on sales enablement and the organization

This research brief explores the sales enablement practitioner experience to empower practitioners to pave the way for their own success. Download below to learn more!

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