State of Sales Enablement Report 2022

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Over the last year, organizations have faced significant obstacles with the way they operate, including permanent virtual work, new buyer expectations, intensified competition, and a potential economic downturn. These challenges require companies to continue to appeal to buyers’ current needs, encourage sellers to grow their capabilities, and maximize revenue with limited resources. With sales enablement, revenue teams can feel empowered to satisfy the needs of prospects and customers and achieve consistent high performance.

In the eighth edition of the State of Sales Enablement Report, learn how sales enablement can level-up its efforts to create more value for the business and solidify its role in the organization.

  • Arm Reps to Personalize Buyer Experiences: Enablement can aid sales teams in supplying reps with tailored content, guiding them with plays, and streamlining processes to create a seamless buying experience.
  • Prepare Reps for Sustained Success: When enablement prepares reps for success in the beginning of their tenure and helps them sustain success through training and coaching programs, it can help empower reps to constantly move the needle against the business’s priorities.
  • Prove Impact to Solidify Enablement’s Value: By providing data-driven insights to optimize and measure the success of their initiatives against core business priorities, enablement is well-positioned to drive visible value and gain support across the organization.

Organizations need a strategic function they can lean on to drive sustained success among revenue teams. To achieve high rep engagement, consistent performance, and an optimized buyer experience, it is important for businesses to invest in the success of their enablement teams. Download the full report to learn more. 

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