Sales Enablement Maturity Report 2020

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Many practitioners struggle with understanding the areas that enablement needs to improve to increase impact and evolve, which is why we set out to survey more than 300 professionals involved in sales enablement at their organizations to understand how to maximize impact on your business’s bottom line.

The first annual Sales Enablement Maturity Report details the correlation of mature sales enablement strategies to improved business outcomes within each of the following key focus areas:

  • Training: The use of data to optimize sales training efforts has demonstrable impact on business outcomes, according to survey respondents. Being highly effective in this area results in win rates that are 9 percentage points greater than those who are only effective
  • Content: When organizations are highly effective in properly storing and organizing their sales content for sellers, survey respondents report win rates that are 6 percentage points greater than those that are only effective in the same efforts
  • Guidance: The management and maintenance of sales process and plays is tied to the business’ bottom line. When survey respondents report being highly effective in this function, they experience win rates that are 13 percentage points greater than those are only effective
  • Engagement: The ability to use tracked engagement data towards improving the buyer and customer experience is tied to improved business outcomes. Survey respondents report that being highly effective in this ability results in win rates that are 9 percentage points greater than those that are only effective

To access all of the results detailed in this report, sign up today as a Sales Enablement PRO member. In addition to this report, you’ll also have access to all future reports, analysis, and expert insights about sales enablement from Sales Enablement PRO.

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