Sales Enablement Analytics Report 2020-2021

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The rise of virtual working environments has brought about great change within the sales organization, and sales enablement has been no exception. For the second edition Sales Enablement Analytics Report, Sales Enablement PRO and the Sales Enablement Society conducted joint research on how various changes within the organization has affected enablement’s ability to track and measure the success of their efforts.

By leveraging findings from survey respondents and feedback from focus group participants, this report also incorporates clear recommendations on how to improve one’s existing sales enablement strategy using key metrics and analytics that have the greatest impact on sales Performance, Proficiency, and Productivity. Here are a few key findings from this year’s report:

  • Tracking components of organizational health—including diversity, culture, and employee engagement— can yield a 6-percentage-point increase in average win rates compared to those that do not.
  • When training and coaching efforts are guided by a focus on behavior change and progress is tracked, average rep quota attainment increases by 7 percentage points compared to when these efforts are not.
  • Tracking the effectiveness of sales plays can ensure reps deliver the right messaging to buyers, and those that are highly effective or effective in this endeavor see an 8-percentage-point increase in win rates compared to those that aren’t effective.

As sales enablement continues to grow and adapt within the rapidly changing modern business world, it’s important that practitioners stay abreast of the most impactful analytics needed to optimize sales performance, enhance rep proficiency, and improve overall business outcomes.

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