State of Sales Enablement Report 2020

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For the sixth edition of the State of Sales Enablement Report, we surveyed sales enablement leaders worldwide to learn how sales enablement has evolved in the past year, including how businesses are adapting to the health and economic challenges of COVID-19.

Sales enablement is in a unique position, as they are not only adapting to change themselves, but also responsible for supporting sellers as they transition to new ways of working. With the insights from this report, professionals can effectively align sales enablement efforts to corporate goals and prioritize initiatives to deliver value to the business today, in the midst of crisis, and beyond.

Here are a few of the key findings detailed in this year’s State of Sales Enablement Report.

  • Virtual Enablement Platforms: Among the respondents, sales enablement practitioners that leverage a sales enablement platform for their sales teams report win rates that are 7 percentage points higher than those that do not.
  • Organizational Revenue Alignment: Enablement teams with a tenure of more than two years that report to a revenue leader experience win rates that are 10 percentage points higher than those that report to a marketing leader.
  • Customer Experience: Many enablement teams focus on enhancing the customer experience by enabling post-sales roles such as account management, and those that do experience win rate improvements of 4 percentage points.

To access all of the evidence and best practices detailed in this report, sign up today as a Sales Enablement PRO member. In addition to this report, you’ll also have access to all future reports, analysis, and expert insights about sales enablement from Sales Enablement PRO.

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