Enabling the Future of Selling

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The selling landscape of today has evolved. Buyers now prefer a connected, personalized, digital journey, though many revenue teams struggle to match buyer expectations with their enablement and execution. At the same time, today’s sellers are expected to be trusted advisors, consultants, and experts. They must now connect with buyers in a more dynamic way, providing value at each touchpoint to continue driving business results. 

In partnership with Concentrix Catalyst, we embarked on a research study to uncover:

  • The key objectives and sales capabilities for organizations this year
  • Where enterprise organizations plan to invest in sales enablement
  • How organizations are supporting the digital seller and buyer experiences
  • What sales capabilities and technologies are top of mind for organizations

The seller experience plays a pivotal role in shaping successful digital selling organizations. To better support sales teams and buyers alike, many organizations are investing in enabling reps through digital platforms and capabilities. This research dives into how sales and enablement organizations are shifting their priorities and investments in the next 12 months to enable the new digital buyer journey.

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