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Work at Mitel leading global Sales Enablement for our customer and partner facing sellers, and sales academies for our partners.


Director Global Sales Enablement
February, 2021 – February, 2021


Lead global sales enablement for internal sellers and certified channel. Team works with onboarding, skills development, and sales coaching.

Director Sales Enablement and Technical Training Program
February, 2016 – May, 2020


Sr Director Sales Enablement | Technical Trainer Led global team of sales enablement and technical training professionals. Managed onboarding, content, curriculum, sales readiness and sales skills training. • Interpersonal Skills and People Management: Created a culture leveraging individual strengths resulting in 100% knew what they should be working on, 100% give more than expected, 100% trusted their manager and can see how they are contributing to the company. • Sales Enablement: Navigated the merger of two companies with 650 sellers and 250 sales engineers developing a cross-training and re-education plan for new company integration of 900 field reps. Results showed those completing the program most likely to meet their quota. Managed the on-boarding, content delivery, and quarterly learning. • Technical Training: Managed global instructor-led training, global labs, and online course training program working with SMEs and stakeholders creating curriculum, delivery and assessment with curriculum tuning the program to successfully meet forecast within 6 months. • Program Management: Managed the LMS for 50,000 learners. Consolidated sales support content and stood up a training certification system in 5 months saving $250k this fiscal year.

Adjunct Professor of Sales and Marketing
Northwest University
Kirkland, WA
January, 2013 – Current


Teaching Business School classroom courses as needed - Professional Sales, Sales Management, and Marketing Management classes. • Curriculum Development: Kick started the Sales Concentration in the University in 2013. Creating both the online courses and the classroom lectures, assignments, and role play experiences. Taught Value – Based and SPIN selling • Classroom Teaching: Teaching in a practical and applied way. The Sales program was named as one of the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” for 2019.

Redmond, WA
April, 1990 – November, 2014


Director- Product Marketing, Marketing Communication, Business Management Managed programs - Product marketing in sales organization and marketing, licensing, and communications programs at Corporate Headquarters. Regional Sales Director Managed 18 states coordinating the sales strategies for thousands of accounts, managing 17 field and inside staff. Managed 18 states coordinating the sales strategies for thousands of accounts, managing 17 field and inside staff. Handled forecasting, sales coaching, partner engagement, field marketing and negotiation on multi-million-dollar deals. Won several sales awards. Exceeded quota in 95% of quarters. Drove high margins and low discounts.

Director Global Sales Enablement
Redmond, WA
February, 2021 – Current


Leading global sales enablement for our sellers, our channel managers, and creating selling academies for our partners.

Director Global Sales Enablement
February, 2021 – Current


Lead a global sales enablement team that delivers onboarding, skills development, and sales coaching. Creates learning content and courses for the channel.

Sales Enablement

Adult Learning

Successful learning experiences arm learners with the skills they need to turn learning into action. Learn best practices to engage adult learners, ensure learning sticks, and ultimately drive business impact through sales readiness programs.

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Enablement Charter

A successful sales enablement charter maps the foundation from which to build every sales enablement initiative. Learn how to set your sales enablement function up for success from the onset, from defining key objectives to justifying your budget.

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