Survey: Sales Enablement Maturity 2021

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As the business impact of sales enablement becomes clearer, more organizations are adopting sales enablement as a strategic function and are seeing positive results. Since sales enablement is still relatively new as a business function, it is important for professionals to understand what maturity means for sales enablement and how to assess their own progress.

There is a great opportunity for sales enablement to amplify the strategic goals of sales leaders by showing the correlation between maturity in sales enablement and consistent rep performance. During the shift to virtual work, many companies have also had to reevaluate and adapt their processes in the past year. As teams apply the lessons learned in the past year while continuing to adapt to the future of work, it is essential to know how mature an organization’s sales enablement efforts are in order to design strategies to innovate.

This second annual survey will explore trends in the maturity of sales enablement across four key areas:

  • Readiness: The ability to effectively manage and maintain training, onboarding, and coaching programs.
  • Content: The efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s content management and governance for sales success.
  • Guidance: The success of an organization’s sales processes and plays in effectively guiding reps through what to know, say, show, and do.
  • Engagement: The ability to deeply engage prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey or customer lifecycle.

The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and your responses are kept confidential. As a thank you for your participation, each valid participant who completes the survey will receive a $25 Amazon gift card in the coming week, as well as a complimentary copy of the report from the survey when it is completed.

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