Creating Consistent Buyer Experiences

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The pivot to virtual work has completely transformed the way organizations operate. With the changes the virtual selling landscape has introduced, organizations face the risk of higher burnout rates and decreased employee morale, which can simultaneously compromise the buyer experience. In partnership with Challenger, we surveyed nearly 200 professionals involved in sales enablement to better understand:

  • How the employee experience and the buyer experience are connected
  • The biggest challenges reps are facing in today‚Äôs selling environment
  • Where the quality breakdowns in the sales process are occurring
  • How sales enablement can enhance both the rep and buyer experiences

Creating memorable customer experiences begins internally, with the seller. A highly engaged and motivated sales rep can translate to a positive and meaningful buyer experience. By investing in sales enablement, organizations can streamline consistent sales behaviors across a field of energized salespeople, ready to close deals and leave lasting impressions on buyers.

This research provides insight on how the changing work landscape has affected rep performance and where sales enablement can prioritize their efforts to maximize both employee and buyer engagement to create a consistent customer experience.

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