Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2023 Sales Enablement PRO Awards. We were honored to have received many outstanding and thoughtful nominations. It was inspiring to read about each of the many great achievements this community has accomplished in the past year! 

Nominations for next year’s awards will open in the fall. Check back here for more information at that time.


Sales Productivity

Kristi McColgan, HP

Learn from Kristi McColgan, Director of Global Sales Enablement Hybrid Work Solutions at HP, as she shares how she is utilizing the power of technology through content management and her successful rollout of Highspot to drive sales performance forward.

Sales Proficiency

Mark Riley, Handshake

Hear from Mark Riley, Director of Sales Enablement at Handshake, as he shares how he is influencing sales proficiency while building a world-class enablement team that is dedicated to learning and growing.

Sales Performance

Brooke Coletti, AWS

Learn from Brooke Coletti, Sr. Partner Enablement Manager at AWS, as she shares her performance and insights from her previous role at Yellowbrick and how it has led to her enablement success at AWS.


Sales Transformation

Radhika Parashar, Figma

Learn from Radhika Parashar, Head of Sales Enablement Emerging Markets at Figma, as she shares how her and her team have built their enablement function from the ground up and how Figma’s successful enablement investment has helped the company thoughtfully scale efficiently through change.


Enablement Evolution

Cisco Global CISG Sales Acceleration Team

Hear from Cynthia Broderick and Wendy Westfall as they shares how their Global CISC Sales Acceleration Team has continued to evolve sales enablement and make their mark with their recent success of their first-hybrid training and global sales exchange event, Cisco Impact.

Virtual Enablement

Jason Whitehead, Docusign

Learn from Jason Whitehead, Sr. Field Enablement Manager – Technical Product at Docusign, as he shares how he and his team are strategizing the various virtual enablement events and training programs to influence engagement and sales performance at Docusign.


Best Enablement Team

Global Sales Enablement Team, Salesforce

Hear from Niamh Walsh, Senior Director of Enablement Strategy at Salesforce, as she shares how their Global Sales Enablement Team is maintaining alignment with company goals and initiatives while refocusing their efforts to live and in-person enablement efforts.

Rising Enablement Star

Erian Aquil

Discover how Erian Aquil, Sales Enablement Specialist, has successfully transitioned her career from education to enablement and what she is looking forward to most in this new role.

Enablement Executive of the Year

Jeffrey Hatchell, American Express

Learn from Jeffrey Hatchell, Vice President of US Field Sales Enablement & Global Leadership at American Express, and discover how he is positively influencing the culture at American Express and his best practices for leading a team to navigate change successfully.

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