Sales Enablement PRO Awards 2023: Enablement Evolution

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Congratulations to the Sales Enablement PRO Award winner for Enablement Evolution, the Global CISG Sales Acceleration Team at Cisco Systems!

Learn more about the Enablement Evolution award recognition during our interview with Cynthia Broderick, Director of Global CISG Sales Acceleration Team and Wendy Westfall, Leader of Engineering Global Enablement.

The Global CISG Sales Acceleration Team is recognized from their great work successfully designing, implementing, and measuring the company’s first hybrid training as well as executing enablement for a global sales exchange, Cisco Impact.

Congratulations to Cynthia Broderick, Barry Thomas, Darline Roche, Gary King, Isabella Kazmier, Janet Bradburn, Todd Gambill, Wendy Westfall, Anna Duong, Kyle Monin, and David Bright.

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