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• Experienced sales enablement leader with a demonstrated history of empowering sales excellence at scale<br> • Learner-centric designer focused on engaging and targeted enablement<br> • FY21 success for the Sales Programs team I lead:<br> - $146+m pipe gen<br> - $22+m ACV (with $59+m in pipe still open)<br> • AMER Sales Programs’ nominee for Salesforce’s FY22 Leading for Success program focused on rewarding the company’s top performers and building the next generation of leaders


Director, Enterprise Sales Programs
San Francisco
February, 2020 – Current


• Lead Salesforce’s AMER Enterprise Corporate Sales (ECS) programs team. Our ECS sales team is a deal band business that is dedicated to strengthening and expanding our relationship with existing Enterprise customers.<br> • The AMER ECS Sales Program Team accelerates Pipe Gen & ACV by identifying pipeline gaps and driving scalable Sales Programs that leverage cross-functional teams, selling tools, and data science<br> • Our sales programs enable AEs to understand trends impacting their customers, articulate Salesforce’s POV, identify opportunities, and have high impact conversations<br> • Achieved 159+% of FY21 Q2 pipe gen target<br> • In FY21 Q3 helped ECS sales team achieve highest growth rate in five years

Director, Sales Enablement - Onboarding Innovation
San Francisco
December, 2018 – January, 2020


• Redesigned Sales & Solutions Onboarding to support Salesforce’s focus on team-based, customer-centric solution selling<br> • Leveraged learner-centric design methodologies, our enablement platform and structured communications to create and socialize a Bootcamp that can scale to 3,000+ learners/year<br> • Combined four Bootcamps into one cross-role, -segment, and -region Bootcamp that immerses new hires in a highly interactive, team-selling business simulation<br> • Worked with an executive steering committee to design a First 30 Days competency model that combines critical cross-role and role-specific skills<br> • Used the flipped classroom model to maximize the benefits of in-person training<br> • Employed reflection, application, and reinforcement to ensure the attainment of key skills<br> • Embedded team selling training by utilizing cross-role peer learning groups (PLGs)<br> • Built a network of Sales & Solutions individual contributors and leaders worldwide to serve as subject matter experts when developing enablement courses<br> • Supported learning at scale by creating e-learning courses based upon the in-person training developed for Bootcamp

Director, Sales Enablement - Industries Enablement Lead
San Francisco
July, 2017 – November, 2018


• Transitioned from industry products to industry enablement to support customer-centric solution selling and empower Sales to speak our customers’ language and become trusted advisors with a deep understanding of our customers' industries and businesses<br> • Co-developed Salesforce’s first Industry Learning Framework to guide developing structured industry enablement courses<br> • Helped define a structured and repeatable process to drive the adoption of industry sales plays<br> • Built Salesforce’s first cross-industry enablement team: hired four enablement rock stars! 537 candidate applications reviewed, 102 initial screening interviews, 14 panel interviews, 4 offers —> 4 accepts<br> • Created awareness and generated pipe for new Financial Services product with combined e-learning and in-person roadshow<br> • Launched new enablement strategy for partnerships that deflected more questions than any previous Financial Services partner enablement program<br> • Developed micro-learning assets targeted at specific needs in the sales cycle

Director, Sales Enablement - Quip Product Lead
San Francisco
January, 2017 – June, 2017


• Brought Salesforce’s enablement best practices to the newly acquired Quip division<br> • Focused on embedding Quip in salespeople’s workflows, internally and with their prospects, to increase the likelihood of an add-on sale

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