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Dave Lichtman is the founder and CEO of Enablematch, a recruitment firm specializing in Sales Enablement. Enablematch has the largest bench of enablement professionals and helps companies solve the challenge of finding and hiring proven sales enablement talent. In this capacity, Dave has gained a unique perspective on why some enablement professionals thrive and others struggle. Additionally, Dave has become a sought-after speaker and coaches on topics surrounding sales enablement careers.


Founder & CEO
Atlanta, GA
October, 2018 – Current


Enablematch is a boutique recruitment firm laser-focused on Sales Enablement professionals. Sales Enablement is highly-specialized and emerging field. Enablematch finds people who have rolled out sales programs and built teams that have driven revenue and results; and match them with companies who need help finding candidates to drive similar change. The right hire can be a force multiplier to drive revenue, attainment, and culture. The wrong hire will cripple them all. We have the domain expertise to know the difference.

Sales Enablement

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