Women Making an Impact in Enablement 2022

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As we close out this year’s Women’s History Month, we’re thrilled to highlight women who have achieved outstanding progress in enablement over the past year. Whether it’s developing a robust onboarding program for new sellers, gaining alignment with key stakeholders and leadership, establishing a culture of learning, creating more space for work-life balance, or fostering a more inclusive environment for all to succeed, these women are moving the needle for their organizations and their peers to help accelerate the tremendous momentum happening within the enablement industry.

Below, learn more about the accomplishment or initiative each woman is most proud of from the past year and how this has impacted them and the trajectory of their career.

Adriana Romero, Senior Manager of Productivity at Salesforce

“When I look back at 2021, I see account executives that onboarded virtually and ramped in 80-110 days, business development representatives that were booking meetings 20 days into the role, and a team that learned a discovery and demo process. Seeing the results that my programs and coaching created makes me feel that the efforts were well worth it. I also feel accomplished to have helped people in my communities that needed support. Enablement is a lonely journey, but when you find your tribe, you uncover superpowers!”

Aisha Wallace-Wyche, Global Head of GTM Enablement at BigID

“One of the things I am most proud of is the experience of building or helping to build a new sales enablement function within more than one organization. This has been some of the most challenging yet rewarding work. It is so incredibly gratifying to watch the success of both a growing go-to-market team and company as they each achieve their goals individually and collectively. I can learn, grow, and nurture a team along the way and this is equally satisfying and is a complete win-win for everyone involved!”

Allison Sword, Revenue Enablement Manager at Flexera

“One of my passions is giving back to boost women in technology. In the last two years, I drove the organization of an annual women’s summit for my company by providing organization and leadership for hundreds of women worldwide. Leading a global program allowed me to strengthen my cultural awareness and get to know women and allies I typically don’t work with, which has supported my ability to work cross-functionally. Aside from being a lot of fun, taking part in our annual women’s summit has helped advance my facilitation, content creation, and project management skills.”

Alyssa Haukaas, Manager, Revenue Enablement Operations at Jamf

“Personal connection and governance aren’t topics that are often partnered together, but they encompass what I am most proud of. My revenue enablement operations team and I lead a listening tour with all levels within our organization to hear their needs, wants, and challenges. We used these connections to shape the priorities of our team, communicate updates and build the great trust of our “customers”. This also impacted my influence on our marketing and enablement teams to outline the importance of governance. Bridging these differing initiatives aided in a thriving Jamf ecosystem of a disciplined focus with a human touch.”

Andrea Rist, Head of Enablement Services at Spekit

“Recently, I led the cross-functional effort to build out and integrate a world-class digital learning and knowledge ecosystem into our business to help facilitate digital transformation in my division of Elsevier. This has enabled the revenue teams to find quick answers, share successful practices, and continuously improve through self-reflection and coaching. This work led me to my current role at Spekit, where I lead our enablement services function and team. We work with enablement practitioners at companies large and small as strategic partners to help them drive their initiatives and achieve positive results for their organizations.”

Ankita Tiwari, Head of Sales Enablement at Partoo

“Running small or big projects that help empower the sales team gives me a sense of accomplishment, especially one of helping others achieve their goals – that is something that drives me on a daily basis. Being the first enabler in both my companies, setting priorities as per the company’s requirements has been an interesting challenge. The two most memorable experiences of 2021 for me were revamping the onboarding and introducing effective workshops with a practical approach for the outbound team. I learned how much the cross-functional role of the enablement position motivates me.”

Ashton Williams, Senior Manager of Revenue Enablement at Ada

“I’m most proud of building an incredible Enablement team. I started as a team of one and built the function from the ground up supporting a rapidly scaling business. We are now a team of 6 (and counting!) and it has challenged me to really operationalize my enablement practice and learn how to teach the craft. Watching the business and my team mature, my folks develop as enablers, and growing myself as a strategic leader has been pivotal for me.”

Brandy Ringler, Head of Sales Enablement at Gong

“I’m most proud of the team environment on enablement. We have fun, we care about each other, we have consistently strong output with the teams we support.”

Brianna Woon, Senior Manager, Global Sales Experience and Enablement Programs at Poly

“I am proud of our global sales communications program. It receives excellent value ratings from our salespeople and leadership team every year. This lets me know that we’ve got the right communications vehicles and cadence in place to amplify important messages for maximum impact. Building the program was a team effort, so I am incredibly grateful for my colleagues and mentors. Together, we continue to find creative ways to reduce noise and distraction, so our sellers can focus on what matters most: our customers!”

Britney Talty, Team Lead, Go-To-Market Enablement (Customer Success) at HubSpot

“Alongside HubSpot’s leadership and analytics teams, I defined what was considered fully productive for new hires on the global onboarding team. From this definition, I aligned our global team around improved new hire standards, revised learning objectives, and onboarding curriculum anchored to productivity goals. Through my cross-functional work, I successfully reduced the time to ramp for new hires on the global onboarding team from five months to three months. This gave me global exposure to create clarity around our rep’s skill gaps and drove the importance of creating an equitable learning experience for all.”

Britta Lorenz, Partner, Sales Enablement at PDAgroup

“Everyone who knows me is aware of my dedication to giving back and empowering our enablement community. When I founded the DACH chapter of WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement) almost two years ago, I knew it was part of my calling. Until then, there was no single community in the DACH region focusing on sales enablement, and today, we are thriving. Additionally, I was the producer of the first-ever Sales Enablement Summit in the German language. At PDAgroup, sales enablement became engrained in the overall strategy, and we kept the desired seat at the table.”

Brittany Manopello, Director of Revenue Enablement (Sales & Customer Success) at Glassdoor

“I locked arms with the business during a massive cultural and economic turning point and found creative ways to reinvent what it looks like to thrive – redesigning competencies, strengthening remote capabilities, stepping into a co-selling dynamic, and turning the unknown into opportunity.”

Brooke Coletti, Director of Sales Enablement at Yellowbrick Data

“As a team of one, I am extremely proud to have hosted 74 training sessions last year, including a worldwide Sales Kickoff. Last year, a major focus was increasing discovery call conversion rates and reducing new hire ramp time. Through enablement efforts, conversation rates increased by 10.6% through enabling the team to uncover the prospects’ pain, articulate product differentiators, and deliver corporate messaging. New hire ramp time was successfully decreased by eight days by implementing a hybrid curriculum model that utilized live and self-paced sessions, reinforcing certifications.”

Callie Apt, Senior Director of Global Revenue Enablement & Proposals at Domo, Inc.

“I’m proud of building a global revenue enablement team that positively impacts the business across many areas, including sales productivity and efficiency and pipeline generation. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is having more balance in my life in a post-COVID world. I love my career, but my family comes first. It’s important that we show other women that having a family and advancing one’s career are not mutually exclusive.”

Carly Lehner, Senior Director of Revenue Operations & Enablement at Andela

“In the last year, I’m most proud of the team that I’ve been able to build at Andela. The enablement team has become an integral part of our revenue team, and each person has gained the trust of their key stakeholders. I’m very proud of the work the team has done over the past year as Andela continues to scale!”

Charlene C. Davis, Revenue Enablement Program Manager, CS & Platform Experience at MNTN

“I think my greatest accomplishment since joining MNTN, just over a year ago, is the complete development of the sales onboarding program. With a three-person enablement dream team, we created a comprehensive new hire program, unlike anything that previously existed at the organization. Our program was so successful it became an official part of the company’s new hire onboarding experience. Nothing brings me as much joy as knowing that something I poured my heart into gets to influence every future member of the MNTN team.”

Cheryl Bisram, Director of Sales Enablement at RollWorks

“In 2021, RollWorks doubled in size. I went from being a one-woman show to having the opportunity to build a remarkable team of four. Together, we onboarded 100+ new hires, implemented a sales enablement platform, and put programs in place to support a new hybrid work model – while ensuring a more effective, efficient, and equitable work environment for all. I am beyond proud of what the enablement team was able to accomplish in such a short time. Today, I have learned that it is so important to lean into the changing tides while remaining adaptive yet agile – you may just surprise yourself on what you’re capable of.”

Christy Jackson, Senior Manager of Sales Enablement (Global) at Zoom

“I am most proud of becoming certified in both Agile Leadership (CAL-E) and Agile Teams (CAL-T). Leadership agility is critical to organizational success. At Zoom, we are in a constant state of change, and we must be agile to continue to be successful and perform at a high level. Moreover, applying Agile values and principles in sales enablement is vital. Sales enablement is an iterative process, and we must be in a “continuous” state of improvement to deliver results to our key stakeholders and shareholders. Incorporating Agile systems and adopting an “Agile mindset” allows for significant (even rapid) changes with minimal disruption to overall processes.

Cori Hartje, Director of Global Sales Enablement at Mitel

“Our team’s sales enablement mission is about people and maximizing their results. No matter what metrics or KPIs we might measure, we ask ourselves these questions: Are we building a sales force that contributes to winning the best customers and partners away from competitors? Are we growing into new markets and capabilities? Will our customers and partners be delighted in their experiences with our field teams? Those three goals we keep in front of us.”

Courtney Tucci, Director of Sales Enablement at Mirakl

“2021 was a year marked by change, hard work, and growth. Having worked directly on the development of a new product launch, I was in a position to work cross-functionally to help bring the project from ideation to realization. Throughout this process, I had the opportunity to support the newly formed GTM team with the development of a coaching and certification program for the new product launch – and, of course, celebrate the first sales of the new product with the team!”

Crystal Nikosey, Customer Enablement Lead at Second Nature

“As I began to build my ‘brand,’ there was one area that organically began to stand out. I was getting requests to chat from other new enablers and those interested in coming into the enablement field. From this, I created a small group that meets once a week to discuss challenging sales enablement topics. We collaborate to create informative weekly content that we share on LinkedIn with the hope that all enablers can find it practical. Mentorship allows me to share my experiences but also gives me a fresh perspective on how enablement is evolving. This has truly given me a newfound meaning and purpose.”

Crystal Thompson, Senior Vice President of Business Enablement at AmerisourceBergen

“The initiative I am most proud of this year is being increasingly intentional about creating an environment of inclusion. The data shows that workplace diversity is an important predictor of a company’s sales revenue and profitability. The data further shows that different perspectives can lead to new ways to solve challenges or address problems. By fostering an environment of inclusion, where people feel comfortable expressing differing opinions, you are in turn having a direct impact on sales revenue. My focus has been on creating an environment where every associate feels that their voice matters.”

Dagmar Eisenbach, Director of Sales Enablement, Central Europe at Salesforce

“Sales is a team sport. The more complex the customer needs, the more important the team spirit. For sales enablement to be impactful for the business, we encourage team selling and celebrate high-impact teams, following the motto ‘Learn Together and Win Together’. The same applies to sales enablement, of course. We work closely across geographies and business needs to scale successful approaches fast and drive business results. This contributed to my promotion to director.”

Devon McDermott, Vice President of Enablement and Learning and Development at Persado

“I’ve expanded our team at Persado and established a center of excellence for continuous learning and growth, which houses revenue enablement, customer education, and L&D under the same umbrella. I also host the ‘Team of One’ podcast where I sit down with other women who’ve forged their own paths to discuss the challenges you don’t read about in books or see in communities. In this safe space, we learn from each other, share vulnerabilities, and workshop solutions dedicated to helping others establish their respective practices. Finally, I am thrilled to partner with Felix Krueger to explore the latest news, trends, and tips in our podcast ‘This Month in Sales Enablement.’”

Elaine Hampton, Senior Revenue Acceleration Manager at PROS

“A foundation is the lowest load-bearing part of a building. Most of the time, no one ever sees it. Reflecting on my enablement journey, it’s important to remember the ‘load-bearing’ part of this definition! There will be plenty of things that go unseen, unnoticed, and maybe even unaccounted for, but it’s making way for something spectacular! It’s such an important part of doing things the right way, the first time. I’m not just proud of the support we were able to give in the past year, but also the support we received for the many initiatives that challenged our status quo.”

Fiamma Jean-Baptiste, Vice President of Learning and Development at Electric

“The accomplishment I’m most proud of this year is building and receiving approval for my business case to bring GTM enablement, L&D, and service desk training under one umbrella at Electric to form the learning and enablement team. We realized our siloed learning and enablement functions were leading to disjointed messaging and operations that fragment end-to-end customer engagement across our company. Not only does the combination of the teams contribute to our organizational goals, but it led to my promotion as the VP of learning and development.”

Gail Behun, Senior Manager of Sales Enablement at PandaDoc

“Building a department from the ground up can be exciting or daunting, depending on the day of the week. In 12 months of a new program at PandaDoc, I am proud to have accomplished what feels like 12 years worth of work including; hiring seven people in three countries; aligning and segmenting the team to areas of specialty including GTM functions, content, and product; developing scalable and repeatable motions to onboard and overboard +100 individual contributors with exceptional content; and produce a live two-day SKO and a company-first President’s Club. It’s been quite a ride and we’re just getting started!”

Heidi Castagna, Senior Director of Education Services and Field Enablement at NVIDIA

“In a virtual selling environment, the ability to connect on camera became a critical selling skill. Sellers became ‘broadcasters’ and not all were comfortable with this shift. Reinforcing and adapting message delivery skills became our key sales enablement initiative in 2021, as well as the ability to create authentic connections in a virtual environment. Through communications workshops designed specifically for customer engagements, video practice exercises to hone key messages, and feedback tools to help the team focus on specific areas for development, our field team continued to introduce ‘the art of the possible’ to customers and dramatically grew business despite market challenges.”

Imogen McCourt, Co-Founder and Head of Sales Operations, Enablement and Training Practice at

“This year I have loved changing the agenda for sales enablement expertise at companies so that it isn’t seen as a quick fix to un-block a problem that no one can truly define, but a core part of the growth narrative that can be owned from the outset. Sales enablement is collaboration. It drives a clear route to value & sustainable growth. I have had the great fortune to partner with executive teams and guide sales transformation programmes that have delivered record monthly bookings (and still are); doubled company valuations and built sustainable SE approaches for long-term growth. Mentoring other women starting in enablement and ops is my opportunity to unleash new talent and ideas into our field; their quality and success reflect on us all.”

Jacqueline (Jackie) Menzel, Sales Performance Lead and Leadership Coach, EMEA at Databricks

“Was it taking a risk in changing jobs in 2021? Certainly, but it turned it into my year of learning and growth. Spreading the love for agile sales enablement, serving it with empathy and passion, helped my +140 EMEA learners to get ready for success. Rolling out a fully virtual onboarding experience to 58 new EMEA sellers over the past nine months supported the impressive growth of Databricks, rises talent, and moves the needle to serve our customers’ individual needs – that is what my vision of seller enablement is all about.”

Jaimie Krause, Senior Manager of Learning and Development (Sales/CS Enablement) at Indeed

“My team and I look after the full learning journey for Indeed’s sales/client success enablement teams, from onboarding, continued education to role-based leadership development. We’ve seen the benefit of providing bespoke L&D resources for all teams from day one. This past year, we worked diligently to establish the structure and frameworks so we can replicate our approach with all learning efforts we support. I’m so proud of the work our team has done; because of our alignment we have the opportunity to not only resource those teams but also uncover opportunities to work across the teams.”

Jen Spencer, CEO at SmartBug Media

“I am most proud of the culture we’ve built at SmartBug Media where every team member has the time and resources they need to further develop their skills. Watching people grow and step into challenging new roles has been the highlight of my year.”

Jill Guardia, Executive Director of Sales Enablement at TriNet

“This last year has been full of change all around us. I’m most proud of the resiliency of the entire enablement team, our ability to deliver high-impact training, focused and useful communications, and programs that drive productivity gains all while having a tremendous amount of fun doing it. Working with the best in the industry each day challenges us to achieve new heights.”

Juliana Stancampiano, CEO at Oxygen Exp and Board of Directors President at Sales Enablement Society

“Over the last year, I have been able to lead the Sales Enablement Society Board to afford to hire our first executive director, rolling out Enableship (an educational program to ramp and place underrepresented candidates with corporate sales enablement roles), and growing our funds so that the organization can continue to expand. Being able to lead a non-profit, while also leading my own company through growth and change, is both hard and rewarding at the same time. Growing and scaling a business and non-profit through a pandemic will probably be one of my career highlights when I look back in 10+ years. It’s very rewarding to have the ability to support the education and diversification of our workforce at a time like this.”

Julie Zhang, Director of GTM Enablement at Panther

“I experienced the transferability of enablement skills firsthand by successfully pivoting my experience from 15 years in finance to a tech startup. I love that in my enablement role supporting go-to-market teams, I am able to provide value so quickly. It showcases the immense need for enablement roles and the urgency of that need in a rapidly growing organization. I also think that in growingly complicated customer engagement relationships, having a successful enablement function early on can really help you hit revenue goals faster.”

Kelly Lewis, Vice President of Revenue Enablement at Highspot

“As a female revenue leader, I feel it is essential to mentor other women as they step into revenue management roles. In enablement, we are uniquely positioned to not only foster the growth of those on our own teams but rising stars in all revenue functions such as sales management, sales operations, and marketing. Watching their success brings new meaning to being an enablement professional.”

Kristen McCrae McMullan, Global Sales Enablement and Readiness Leader, ProServe at Amazon Web Services

“What I am most proud of in enablement is being part of the connected, inclusive community of practitioners. Never before have I worked in a profession where there is an external community so committed to helping others climb the ladder, where we are willing to be vulnerable about our successes and failures, where diversity of thought is encouraged, and where we are helping each other elevate ourselves and our profession. We’re at our best when we use our collective strength to drive change and make an impact – and I cannot wait to see what this shared unity will bring to our profession in the years to come. Onward and upward to all of us!”

Larkin Kay, Vice President of Sales Enablement at Ping Identity

“The past years have changed everything – from worldviews to the way we gather to how enterprise buying happens. The Ping enablement team has relentlessly innovated to help sellers navigate these changes, including setting a cultural tone around continuous learning, winning as a team, and delivering new tools that remove friction from the buying process. They’ve shown fearlessness in trying, iterating, and driving success – I couldn’t be more proud. Through it all, I’ve learned valuable lessons in courage, perseverance, and leadership. It hasn’t been easy, but I think we’ve all come out stronger, better enablement professionals on the other side.”

Laura Valerio, Global Head of Sales Enablement at Vodafone Business

“The accomplishment I’m most proud of is the implementation of a digital-ready program across +1.000 enterprise sellers globally, including the launch of new technology to accelerate performances. In less than one year, 90% of sales embraced a new digital way to consume information, upskill themselves, and engage with customers. In return, they got time back, generated triple-digit million revenue through social selling and new joiners reduced time to revenue by 50%. Working closely with sales leaders, strengthening communication and trust, has elevated my ability to behave as an activator, empowering managers to drive change successfully.”

Laura Welch, Director of Sales Enablement at HP

“One of the most important parts of acquiring a company is making sure the sales teams are properly cross-trained on each other’s solutions and services. HP acquired Teradici in November 2021 and I led the cross-training initiative. We ran a comprehensive program, training Teradici sellers on HP solutions, with a 99% utility score and 95% of the sellers reporting increases in learning. We also trained over 1,000 HP sellers with an average utility score of 96% and sellers reporting very high increases in learning. Reps surveyed commented it was the ‘best training’ they’d ever received on new solutions.”

Leigh Koritke, Director of Enterprise Enablement and Customer Success at 2020 Inc.

“As the director of revenue enablement and customer success for 2020 Technologies, my most valued accomplishment aside from the measurable impact my team has on revenue, is the improvement of our customers’ overall experience throughout their journey with us. There are many small achievements in enablement, from streamlining a process to creating best practices. These victories sometimes feel too small to celebrate, yet combined form a ‘success platform’ for individuals, organizations, and customers. I’m fortunate to work in an organization that supports and contributes to our success platform.”

Lena Chudasama, Senior Sales Enablement Lead, EMEA at Taboola

“I am proud to have given my first keynote presentation to a room of 100 enablement professionals about the growth and impact of the onboarding program I have developed at Taboola. This opportunity helped to position me as an expert in the area of onboarding, raising my profile within our industry. The onboarding program receives consistently great feedback from new hires and their managers. New hires feel supported, prepared, and excited for their role at Taboola as they progress through it and they have all expressed that they have never had such a thorough onboarding at any other company.”

Lindsay Ruiz, CFO Office, Transformation Lead at RTI International

“This past year, I converged the principles surrounding enablement and transformation into a capability that drives large-scale culture and operational change. Giving people the means and autonomy to become a force multiplier empowers a greater capacity around technology and data for how we deliver on our organization’s promise to our customers. I feel privileged that my career allows me to understand the professional world from this magical place: we can co-create humane work environments that inspire people to achieve their highest ambitions, perform amazingly solid, build stronger reputations for their organizations, and raise the bar as respected partners, leaders, and colleagues anywhere you find them.”

Lindsey Ciufia, Senior Program Manager, Solution and Product Sales Enablement at Tanium

“I take an enormous amount of pride in the weekly global sales call I own, which continues to be highly impactful for our team due to the top-to-bottom alignment we have across the sales organization. It has become the standard for awareness level enablement and driving communications for the sales team. I also played an integral role in driving the launch of solution enablement to help navigate the shift from module to solution selling. The cross-functional work that went into this launch has helped drive best practices across the enablement team that I intend to build on this year.”

Lisa Duncan, Senior Director of Sales Enablement at Momentive

“As a sales enablement leader, I aim to create an environment where everyone in the sales organization can thrive. I’m proud of the breadth of programs my team delivered last year, including a high-impact virtual SKO, onboarding 200+ new hires, launching a popular new sales mentorship program and manager development track, and dedicated enablement for our sales development organization, and many certifications. These programs moved the needle on our most critical sales productivity metrics. Best of all, the people on my team grew professionally over the past year, and I got to promote many of them!”

Lisa Stebbing, Vice President of Revenue Enablement at Lucid LLC

“The accomplishment I am most proud of is a work in progress right now, building an enablement program that truly enables our business. My journey to this moment was guided by experience, knowledge, and skills but shaped by creativity. By curiously exploring the area outside the standard and within scope. For us, the Enablement program we need right now must accelerate business and individual results through operational excellence. To do this, we combined strategic planning, performance management, and program management with enablement to create a beauty of an enabling flywheel! Stay tuned for the results portion of this story!”

Malvina El-Sayegh, Sales Enablement Lead at Reachdesk

“Enablement is not a nice to have, it’s a must-have for any ambitious growth-focused business. I feel so empowered each day driving new change, processes, and growth at team Reachdesk. What makes me prouder is doing this alongside such other strong females in this space. I’m honored to host my podcast and Co-host with another epic enablement guru. Not only do we get to hear from such inspiring individuals in the world of sales, but ensure enablement continues to grow as one of the hottest roles out there today. For 2022, I am focused on ensuring all the GTM team at Reachdesk, old and new have what they need to continue being rockstars!”

Marcela Piñeros, Global Head of Sales Enablement at Stripe

“Stripe has made an incredible investment in enablement. Thanks to leadership’s support, we’ve grown the team and brought together top talent. This year has been a whirlwind creating a vision for enablement at Stripe, launching a new tech stack, building a new sales methodology, and reimagining our programs with cross-functional partners. I am grateful and humbled to be a part of a revenue team that sees enablement as a strategic imperative!”

Mary Shea, Chief Innovation Evangelist at Outreach

“Back in 2019, I wrote the seminal report The Future of Sales Enablement Is The C-Suite where I predicted the role of enablement would be elevated due to increasing complexities on the buy-side. With more touchpoints required to close deals, more buyers involved in decisions, and technology playing a key role in the execution of sales strategies, the role of enablement has never been more crucial. I am proud of the research I conduct at Outreach that continues to highlight why enablement is one of the most important functions in the go-to-market organization.”

Mary Tafuri, Vice President of Global GTM Enablement and Effectiveness at Pegasystems

“I am the recently appointed Pegasystems’ global leader for GTM enablement and effectiveness. I am passionate about ensuring all GTM roles have learning success roadmaps for the skills needed to be market competitive and to drive growth, by delivering clear and compelling content, through highly experiential and relevant just-in-time learning. This manifests itself through a delightful seller journey experience with high-value client outcomes.”

Melissa Madian, Author and Founder at TMM Enablement Services Inc.

“As part of my consulting practice, I mentor young enablers starting out in their careers. What I am most excited to see is how over the past year these enablers have blossomed into leaders in the space, challenging the way enablement is viewed within their organizations and setting themselves up as the executives of tomorrow.”

Michelle Dotson, Head of GTM Enablement and Strategy at Zoom

“What I’m most proud of is the opportunity and ability to be part of the larger change in enablement. Enablement has transformed in the last two years and being able to try new or never been done before programs have been not only exhilarating but so rewarding. The shift in the industry to create a culture of learning, the shift in sellers seeing enablement as a company perk, the shift in executive expectations and involvement have fueled the pride in delivering amazing programs to our GTM teams. I’m excited about what the future holds for enablement and all of us who care so deeply about the teams we support.”

Misha McPherson, Head of Global Revenue Enablement at Coursera

“Team: I built an incredible team last year. It boggles the mind that the majority of my team joined only a year ago. They have had a profound impact in a new hire, skills/methodology, and content management. They are all true ambassadors of great enablement. Community: I’ve mentored, I’ve connected, and I continue to invest in my community. I believe that the fastest way for us to succeed is to work together, and I saw that last year.”

Natalia Tovar Grand, Manager of Sales Strategy and Enablement at LogRhythm

“Revamping our new hire onboarding journey has been an exhilarating initiative, we have reshaped the way we provided training by levering the right technologies but most importantly by introducing the human touch. In this virtual world, making connections, and fostering friendships make all the difference and enrich our company culture. Our focus is to win the hearts and minds of our team and help them achieve both their professional and personal goals. We start with WHY.”

Natalie Baguley, Head of Sales Enablement at Motivosity

“This past year has not been rife with challenges like many others. I’ve had to constantly evaluate my priorities both at home and at work. However, the lesson I already knew but needed to be reminded of is that I love the 1:1 connection I can create with sellers I enable. I love knowing their names, what motivates them personally to perform, who is cheering them on from home, and what’s keeping them up at night. I am proud of these relationships I’ve worked hard to form and thankful to call these sellers my friends.”

Nieka Mamczak, Senior Manager of Productivity and Enablement, Customer Success at Drift

“After spending the majority of my career on the sales side of the house, I was motivated and excited to extend my skill set to the post-sales organization this past year to take on the very important role of leading customer success enablement at Drift. By bridging the gap between pre and post-sales, our GTM motions have greatly enhanced the experience a customer has from the top of the funnel all the way through to renewal and every milestone in between. By providing unified learning experiences, sales and customer success teams have more opportunities to learn together to appreciate roles and responsibilities. Streamlining critical programs like onboarding allows for enhanced camaraderie across the organization and offers repeatable, reportable, and scalable enablement. Bringing a formal enablement mission to the customer team opens the door for additional and future revenue successes!”

Nina LaRouche, Director of Revenue Enablement at Bazaarvoice

“In the short time that I’ve been at Bazaarvoice, my team has accomplished so much but the thing that is most exciting is how much we are now seen as a strategic partner to the revenue organization. By truly understanding the needs of the business and taking a data-informed approach we can better diagnose the key challenges and in doing so, we are able to design and build creative, impactful learning experiences for our customer-facing teams. In just a few short months, we went from low adoption, low engagement training to super interactive and measurable learner outputs.”

Noni Kofman, Sales Enablement Director at Incredibuild

“2021 has been a truly pivotal year for me professionally – I created successful onboarding programs supporting a hyper-growing GTM organization, scaled several legacy processes while improving metrics, and built internal bridges in a changing environment. This has meant constant professional growth and satisfaction. On top of that, championing for sales enablement in Israel has been especially rewarding, I got to work with great professionals switching to enablement roles and took first steps towards the creation of a local enablement guild – both initiatives continue into my 2022 along with building the Incredibuild sales enablement function.”

Pamela Dake, Global Sales Enablement Leader

“The year 2021 held a very exciting and challenging journey for me as I was able to land my
‘dream job’ at the executive level as vice president of global enablement and training to begin building out the function and the team. My accomplishments over the year include pulling together a broad cross-functional team to stand up and launch a new enablement platform in my first six weeks that successfully saw ongoing usage of 87% of all users! Usage of the platform was further supported with a robust four-week online training program built out for BDRs/SDRs and an all-company new hire program in which every new hire was enrolled. As the year progressed, with my instrumental growing team, we were also able to launch prospecting and sales process playbooks on the platform and further show business impact with a significant number of the closing deals being influenced through its usage.”

Penny Springer, Vice President of Revenue Enablement at Planview, Inc.

“I dramatically changed revenue enablement at Planview by deploying robust enablement in [our enablement] platform and polishing the knowledge and skills of the sales team members. A mighty team of two, we launched dynamic solution learning paths, built 90-Day AE and 30-Day SDR ramping programs, and implemented and enabled the organization on a new sales process in [our CRM]. We focus on active learning, sales leader coaching, and learning based on adult learning best practices. Revenue enablement is now a valuable partner to sales leadership. We provide best in class on-demand enablement which is being utilized to attract and retain sales team members.”

Petek Hawkins, Head of Enablement at Melio

“Being a start-up enablement leader at a product-led growth company requires rethinking the value enablement needs to deliver. When a product is leading the customer acquisition, customer adoption and expansion, as well as support becomes the central focus for customer-facing teams. My enablement leaders and I planned and designed programs that put customers first, product-centered, skills, and productivity-driven. This approach was easy for the C-suite to get behind with tangible results, which lead to more funding, visibility, and resources from across the company. We are a must-have, not a nice-to-have.”

Rana Salman, CEO at Salman Consulting

“Although 2021 had significant challenges with several COVID surges, we continued to stay close to our customers, understand their challenges, and meet them where they are by pivoting and delivering programs that are relevant to the field. It was a true partnership, and I’m grateful for their trust in me and for pushing me to be a better version of myself. My best moments are when I get emails from sellers appreciating and finding value in our work. I’m a sales rep at heart, and they are at the center of everything we do.”

Rebecca Bell, Director and Team Lead, Office of the President (GTM) at Zendesk

“Challenging myself with continuous learning and focusing on delivering impact beyond sales is what I’m most proud of this year. As enablement matures, I am increasingly convinced that it’s the entire GTM lifecycle that we must enable for the best results and to deliver a frictionless customer experience. What I love about that is seeing the scale of the impact we can make is amplified, multiplied, and measured. That makes this a hugely exciting industry to be part of.”

Rehmat Karal, Vice President of Global Sales Enablement at BigPanda

“When you are an enablement leader you are tasked with helping the go-to-market organization achieve their numbers, everything from global ARR to adoption and consumption of key collateral by sellers and customers. In 2021, I was able to drive internal adoption and consumption of our learning management tool to over 200% and reduced the time it takes for sellers to onboard. I also built BigPanda University – a customer learning portal, where I achieved over 90% adoption. Because of what I was able to accomplish I have won several awards and have been invited to speak to other enablement leaders to share my experiences and growth.”

Roz Greenfield, Co-Founder and Chief Enablement Officer at Level213

“As a member of the enablement community for 10+ years, I’m encouraged by the increasing number of companies leveraging enablement to achieve strategic goals. My desire to make a bigger impact and support companies and individuals new to enablement led me to templatize our proven approach to sales onboarding. Sales onboarding is often the first critical enablement program people need to tackle, and our templated resource can be leveraged by GTM enablement or revenue leaders. An added bonus has been seeing how they then take the principles and templates and apply them to other enablement programs as well.

Sally Kim, Global Sales and Partner Enablement Lead, Google Maps Platform at Google

“This past year, I’m especially proud of my efforts to promote a culture of continuous learning and cross-team connection among our several GTM and customer-facing functions. All of our enablement programs pivoted to 100% virtual format during the pandemic. I appreciate the spirit, resilience, and commitment across my internal customers/stakeholders to actively engage even as a globally distributed team in the light of constant change and organizational growth. I’m excited for the year ahead to continue sales and GTM advocacy, execute on the enablement roadmap, and deliver programs that empower and inspire!”

Selen Kartal, Head of Global Sales Eanblement at Insider

“As the builder of the sales enablement team at Insider, I enjoyed every minute of my team’s growth and gaining a new profession. I was lucky enough to become a part of the World’s 9th SaaS unicorn’s journey and milestone by enabling the sales community from 25+ regions. It was great to see that my dedication to building the awareness of sales enablement function in Turkey finally resulted in a growing community of women in sales enablement in Turkey.”

Shannon Hempel, Director of Revenue Enablement at Personify Corp

“This year we acquired another company and onboarded multiple roles. I’m most proud of the rigorous onboarding programs I created and implemented for three different market segments and two different roles within each segment. From our first onboarding session in the new programs, we decreased ramp time by four weeks!”

Sharon Ehrlich, Global Sales Enablement Director at Webhelp

“My team and I developed a social selling program to respond to the well-documented changes in customer buying behavior. We recognized that even in the digital age, people are always at the forefront of any buying decision and embarked on strengthening sellers’ social listening skills so they could gain insight into buyers’ concerns and business challenges. We optimized sales’ ability to authentically express their thought leadership and educate customers. Human connection and trust-building were essential components in this digital transformation. I must continually invest in my own education to be prepared to develop readiness programs that evolve and adapt to customer expectations.”

Sharon Little, Vice President of Global Enablement at Skillsoft

“One of the key areas necessary for the growth of enablement is the development of passionate and skilled enablement professionals. Oftentimes it is as much soft skills as experience that sets an individual up for success in an enablement role. When I think about some of the most impactful work I have done in this field, number one on that list is identifying and developing talent. Enablement is a wonderful career and I am always thrilled to see past team members advance professionally.”

Sharyn (McAllister) Muir, Senior GTM Sales Performance Consultant at LinkedIn

“I’m grateful to be acknowledged among this group of incredible women! I recently helped lead a sales transformation initiative at my organization by partnering closely with sales leaders to identify challenges the field was facing and pinpoint gaps in the sales motion. I took a data-driven approach to measure impact while tapping into my creative marketing background to build programs that resonate. The programs I led were for the field & by the field. I tapped into rep best practices and turned complex topics into relevant insights built in an on-demand learning experience. What I’m most proud of is enabling reps to deliver meaningful value to our customers.”

Sidney Sollazo, Director of Sales Enablement at Rockwell

“I am incredibly proud of the work my team is leading around the transformation of our selling team to an organization of outcome-based sellers. We have taken a multi-faceted approach, not only through creating tools, content, and training to support this change but also by measuring and sustaining behavioral changes in our selling team – and we are already seeing the impact.

Stacey Justice, Vice President of Revenue Enablement and Productivity at HashiCorp

“This past year has been challenging as we settled into year two of a global pandemic. The highlight for me was the opportunity I had to build a world-class team filled with the most talented enablement professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am most proud of the work this team has done to build foundational enablement programs that have already had a significant impact on HashiCorp’s success. Knowing what this team was able to accomplish in just one year, I can’t wait to see what we can do together in the future.”

Steffaney Zohrabyan, Sales Enablement and Digital Adoption at Cisco

“I’m really proud of having created my own methodology around digital sales enablement, and for joining an incredible company where I am implementing it for thousands of global sellers. It is a lot of failing fast, failing often, and iterating, but I have an amazing team that supports me every step of the way!”

Stephanie Middaugh, Director of Enablement at WorkRamp

“Over the past year, I am most proud of the enablement community that I helped co-found. What started as a small idea and just a few members has really blossomed into a beautiful and vibrant community of almost 1,400 enablement professionals. Being able to connect, in real-time, especially during the pandemic, with others in our profession who were willing to share their wins, struggles, and knowledge were impactful for so many people and I am grateful to have had a part in helping create an inclusive space where those connections could take place.”

Tanya Kunze, CEO of Swift Coaching

“I am thankful my passion for elevating people resulted in letters of gratitude from the thousands enriched, due to my unique group coaching methods. As a neuroscience-based coach and keynote speaker for 11 years, I have researched the science and psychology underpinning sales enablement to teach it with sustainable and successful results. I am proud of the victories people experience when utilizing the components I developed: the eight change habits in my third book ‘The Power of Positivity,’ my conscious cognition-based learning methods, understanding the importance of vibrational frequencies, and applying the 48 individualized sales profiles intentionally for sustained success!”

Tas Hirani, Global Director of Enablement at Aquant

“For many seasoned enablement professionals, this year’s annual kick-off is a huge hurdle.
Can we really execute an in-person event? This question inevitably cast a shadow of uncertainty – which did impact commitment from speakers, attendees, and more. We opted for a hybrid event, dedicating effort to ensure those who were remote felt included. This is what our top sellers had to say:

  • ‘This is by far the best kickoff event I’ve been to – a solid balance between inspiring, insightful and fun activities and experiences’
  • ‘This is why enablement is my passion because it provides the get-up-and-go sellers need to get those deals done.’”

Terri J. Petion, Director of Revenue Enablement at MaestroQA

“Over the last year, I worked with an organization in the tech space that very quickly doubled in size. To support this growth, I led initiatives that bridged organizational gaps and promoted a diversity of thought, ultimately easing the strain of that scale. As an enablement leader, driving initiatives that support the sharing of diverse perspectives has consistently helped my team to communicate and enable more effectively and with more compassion, creating a culture where holistic views are valued and individuals across the organization feel empowered. From a personal perspective, living these values has opened doors for me professionally and empowered me to embrace the uncomfortable while advocating for change.”

Terri-Lee O’Kelly, Manager of EMEA and APJ Sales Enablement at Riverbed Technology

“Celebrating accomplishments is about pausing and reflecting on your path to success. I define career success as winning as a team and I am incredibly lucky to be one part of a great group. Onboarding 100+ reps in 2021, deploying a value-focused sales methodology to a global team, implementing new tools, developing assets, templates and playbooks is by no means a small feat but has resulted in enablement being a foundational initiative for the company. I am proud of the work our team has delivered and certainly look forward to continually learning, innovating, and disrupting.”

Tinique Lenderman, Sales Enablement Program Manager at Qlik

“I am most proud of what our small and mighty team of two was able to accomplish. After losing two levels of leadership, we took the opportunity to develop the 2022 sales enablement strategy, (something that hasn’t been done in the past) demonstrating the value that can be delivered by a mature function which we are now executing!”

Whitney Sieck, Senior Director of Revenue Enablement at Outreach

“This past year we built the foundations for an incredible enablement program – implementing new technology, methodology, and growing the team from two to 17 rockstar enablers. The Outreach team is one to watch and I’m so proud of what the team has accomplished!”

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