Webinar: Sales Enablement Analytics

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This Sales Enablement Society webinar hosted with Sales Enablement PRO dives deep into key findings from their recently published Sales Enablement Analytics 2019 report. The full report, which explores common and emerging trends in measuring the business impact of sales enablement, is available for download here.

The webinar, “Sales Enablement Analytics”, features Walter Pollard, member of the Sales Enablement Society’s Board of Directors, and Shawnna Sumaoang, Senior Director of Sales Enablement PRO.

As sales enablement grows in popularity and maturity, sales enablement stakeholders have a growing desire to understand the direct impact of their efforts. Practitioners have the opportunity to shape a new standard for high-performing sales enablement and elevate the business impact of their function through enablement analytics.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • Commonly measured metrics, and why it’s under-representing sales enablement’s value.
  • How to get stakeholder and cross-functional alignment on the metrics that really matter and move the needle.
  • Growing trends in emerging sales enablement metrics on areas like: customer centricity, behavior change, and culture-centric KPIs.

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