Survey: Enablement Compensation, Career Pathing, and DE&I

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As the sales enablement function continues to grow, it is important that organizations are supporting their practitioners with resources and opportunities to succeed in their careers.

We are partnering with Women in Sales Enablement (WiSE) in a new research study to uncover insights around representation in sales enablement, especially looking at compensation,  career development opportunities, and DE&I.

The research brief aims to uncover:

  • The demographic breakdown and representation within the enablement workforce
  • How organizations can create a more equitable space for enablement practitioners to succeed in their roles
  • The factors and programs that impact employee satisfaction and retention in the enablement profession
  • Whether practitioners are satisfied with their salaries and have the resources to negotiate appropriately

We encourage you to take this brief survey. As a thank you for your collaboration, we will be donating $20 for each survey response to Take the Lead Women, a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving gender parity in leadership. Additionally, all participants will receive the complimentary report. 

Please note that the responses to this survey are completely confidential and will be solely used to help progress the enablement community. The deadline to complete the survey is 8/12/22. 

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