Leveraging AI to Improve the Sales Experience

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In a rapidly evolving era of innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent, revolutionizing the sales enablement landscape. Meanwhile, common challenges to sales productivity, like difficulties with content management and time constraints, can have detrimental impacts on buyer engagement. For sales enablement, AI could be the key to overcoming these challenges and effectively engaging buyers.

Leveraging AI as part of a sales team’s daily workflow can maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and give reps more time to focus on building successful and productive sales relationships that land more won deals.

“In my opinion, this is the next leap in what we’re going to be experiencing as humankind: all the automation and efficiency that will happen as a result of AI technology,” said Jonathan Kvarfordt, head of GTM revenue enablement and product marketing at Simetrik.

Below, learn more about best practices for optimizing sales enablement strategies with AI.

Leverage AI to Automate Routine Tasks

One common challenge to effective buyer engagement is time constraints. Reps are spending time doing tedious tasks, like locating and creating sales materials, that they could be spending cultivating their relationships with their buyers.

“In enablement specifically, the question I’d ask is this: What are your day-to-day tasks or workflows that could be automated or systemized using AI?” said Kvarfordt. “You’ll be spending more time using your brain for strategy versus creating a deck, a one-page, making a training outline, or all the things that require menial work.”

Automating routine tasks with AI can improve reps’ productivity and efficiency. It can also give them more time to focus on critical responsibilities, like skill development and meeting with customers.

“It’s all about identifying what you can automate and do better and faster with AI so you have time to do the more impactful activities or requirements of the job,” said Kvarfordt.

When reps have time to focus on the most impactful aspects of their job, buyer engagement can increase. Buyers often prioritize speed and ease of use over human interaction and communication. By automating tasks, reps can embody both sides of this trade and land excellent engagement that consistently lands deals and meets business goals.

“[Buyers] want the fastest process possible,” said Tim Cortinovis, author of “This is Marketing Automation! This is Sales Automation!” “They want total transparency in price, process, and supply chain. I think, personally, this is only possible with automation.”

AI automation can ensure the fastest possible experience for customers, giving reps more time to focus on the sales process and building impactful buyer relationships.

Take Advantage of AI Analytics

AI capabilities can be used beyond driving engagement for existing customers—using AI analytics can also identify potential buyers and their needs.

“You can use AI strategically to decide which target market to enter and which target groups to address. AI helps you to strategically develop your business,” said Cortinovis.

AI analytics provide a clear and thorough understanding of where the highest potential for success is for sales teams. Because AI is able to process large amounts of data and identify patterns much faster and more efficiently than humans, this is a major advantage for enablement.

“What [AI is] doing is helping an organization be much more intelligent in the context of identifying their customers, whether it’s existing or prospective customers, that may be closer to making a buying decision,” said Chakravarti.

Once these potential buyers are identified and engaged, AI can also provide analytics that give insights in real time to their sales experience. For example, conversation intelligence is an AI capability that can instantly analyze recorded meetings to give feedback on delivery, engagement, and content use.

“AI is already driving a lot of sophistication,” said Chakravarti. “You’ve got speech analytics in terms of conversation intelligence, you have text analytics in terms of revenue intelligence. So, that’s the power of AI.”

Leveraging the analytical potential of AI capabilities can streamline business functions and identify the most impactful points of focus to improve engagement, faster.

Enhance the Value of Enablement with AI

Enablement should strive to put their sellers in the best possible position for success. This includes taking advantage of innovations like AI to streamline the sales process for reps and buyers alike while maintaining the human connection and communication that drives engagement.

“Enablement should be thinking about how we can lead the charge,” said Kvarfordt.

Becoming AI-powered means leveraging AI innovations to enhance, rather than replace, the value of enablement. This requires finding ways to utilize AI to complement and improve the programs and initiatives that enablement is focused on for the business. For example, practitioners can leverage AI insights to facilitate better coaching conversations or automate routine tasks to focus on high-value activities.

“The question really is whether you understand your own value point as a person,” said Kvarfordt. “I believe that people do have more value than AI, so you can complement what you do with AI so that you become AI-powered.”

As innovations improve almost daily, leveraging AI is increasingly necessary for organizations that want to thrive in today’s competitive market. Through automation, analytics, and demonstrated value, teams can leverage AI to improve the sales experience for both buyers and sellers. In doing so, teams can improve the efficiency and quality of sales interactions, helping organizations to meet and exceed their sales goals.

“I am personally deeply convinced that AI and automation are not going to take away work from us as humans, but will deeply change the quality of our work,” said Cortinovis.

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