22 Podcast Episodes to Reinforce the Value of Enablement in 2022

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During times of economic uncertainty or transitions, it can be tempting to stick to what is familiar. But it can also present the perfect opportunity for professionals to develop their skills and take their career and professional goals to new heights. As a sales enablement professional, staying ahead of trends within the industry can ultimately pay dividends when it comes to leading others within an organization, even when times become tough and budgets are tight.

With so many paths to take when it comes to investing in professional development, podcasts can be a great way to spark new ideas and action. In honor of International Podcast Day, we’ve selected 22 episodes so far this year from some of our favorite podcasts that dive into how to weather economic downturns and how to keep teams motivated; how to make processes more efficient; how to prioritize enablement initiatives amid significant change and reinforce the value of the function, and more.

  1. Sales Enablement PRO: Episode 200: 20 Statistics That Prove the Business Impact of Sales Enablement. This episode highlights 20 powerful sales enablement statistics that reinforce the value of effective enablement, along with insights from past guests and enablement leaders that help shed light on what good looks like in enablement today.
  2. Sales Enablement PRO Book Club: Karen Mangia on the Power of Listening to Improve Customer Experiences. Karen Mangia, vice president of customer and market insights at Salesforce, shares thoughts and strategies to more effectively listen to and advocate for customers with new ways to engage them amid a changing buyer landscape.
  3. Sales Enablement Podcast: Intentionality in Introspection: Enable Sellers’ Continuous Learning, with Shaan Hathiramani. Managers must be enabled to spread this learning around and learn from the best sellers within their own teams. This is not just to hit quota but also to improve retention of their best people. Shaan Hathiramani discusses paradigm shifts needed in sales on what defines productivity and how to enable managers themselves.
  4. Sales Enablement Society – Stories From The Trenches: Ep. 35 – Dave Lichtman – Career Advice For Market Downturns. The sales and revenue enablement profession continues to thrive and grow overall, but we’ve all seen enablement individuals and teams negatively impacted by the recent economic challenges. The sad reality is that even high-performing enablement professionals can find their careers taking an unexpected detour. In this episode, Dave Lichtman of Enablematch offers insights into proactively managing careers to avoid redundancy but also what to do if it happens despite best efforts.
  5. The Enablement Brew: Enablement in an Economic Downturn. Carly and Malvina talk about the large wave of redundancies they see across the tech space and why enablement is a vital component in times of a downturn.
    • Hosts: Carly Lehner and Malvina EL-Sayegh
    • Average Duration: 30 minutes
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Listen From: YouTube
  6. The State of Sales Enablement: Strategic Talent Development with Roderick Jefferson | Interview
    With salaries being the single biggest cost item when building a sales department, it is critical for revenue leaders to consider how they can maximize their return on that investment. Roderick Jefferson, author of Sales Enablement 3.0, joins this episode to share best practices for effective talent development.

  7. Sales Hacker: Finding the Perfect Fit—Managing and Hiring in the New Sales World with Mike Sadler. Mike Sadler, SVP Americas at Similarweb, shares the must-have platform for effective online marketing. Join us for a lively conversation about managing, hiring, and beating the recession.
  8. Conversations with Women in Sales Ep 131: Managing Difficult Conversations, Roberta Matuson, Author. Roberta Matuson is the author of “Can We Talk: Seven Principles for Managing Difficult Conversations at Work” Roberta discusses how to build more empowered conversations as you rise through the sales organization or the company.
    • Host: Lori Richardson
    • Average Duration: 30 minutes
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Listen From: Apple Podcasts, Spotify
  9. Sales and Enablement, The Podcast: Ep #12 – Kunal Pandya. Kunal Pandya from UserZoom joins Crystal Nikosey and Dan Reynolds and has an incredibly insightful and revolutionary view on using a specific metric to measure enablement success that you probably hadn’t thought of before.
  10. The McKinsey Podcast: Learning and earning: the bold moves that change careers. Corporate attrition persists, but one way to lure employees back is to develop their knowledge, attributes, and experiences—in short, their human capital. But how? What’s best for the employee? Is it worth leaders’ time? Two authors of McKinsey’s report, “Human capital at work: The value of experience,” address these and other questions in this episode of The McKinsey Podcast.
  11. Revenue Innovators: Finding Ways to Make Your Sales Department More Efficient with Mark Ebert. ​Ryan Blackwell, CRO at Renaissance Learning offers advice to founders and leaders on how to weather a recession. It starts with understanding the company’s mission, its people, and customers, and thinking inside the box.
  12. The Advanced Selling Podcast: EP 716: What Does Your Sales Culture Look Like? In this episode, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale discuss sales culture, including positive and negative examples and best practices to improve culture and in turn drive results.
  13. Make It Happen Mondays – B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows: Larry Long Jr. on Understanding Your Why and Core Values. Larry Long Jr., chief energy officer at LLJR Enterprise, discusses the importance of understanding one’s “why” and core values. The episode also explores the importance of staying positive through tough times and how to stay motivated.
  14. Sales Gravy: Be Indispensable to Protect Your Job in a Volatile Economy.“Selling in a crisis is tough. Losing your job during an economic downturn is worse.” This episode covers how professionals can demonstrate their value through economic uncertainty to safeguard their careers.
  15. Inside Sales Coach: How to create a positive ethos and culture w/ Lee Buckle. Lee Buckle, sales leader at The Access Group, believes in the power of a positive ethos. A successful team needs to know their leader believes in them and that they can turn to them for help in the good and the bad. It’s also important to give team members the space to be authentic and share their ideas for an effective team ethos.
  16. Sales Leadership Podcast: Ep #191: Bryan Gray of the Revenue Path Group — Moving Past Problems and Creating Priority with Your Buyers Bryan Gray, founder, and CEO of the Revenue Path Group, shares insights on why problem-based selling isn’t enough and how to become a priority with the buying teams you engage with at a time where Value Collapse is becoming a sales epidemic, and how to overcome it.
  17. Selling Made Simple: Close Sales Faster By Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey. The most successful reps put 90% of their energy into understanding why buyers make a purchase. They focus on what’s known as the buyer’s journey, because doing so makes nurturing a deal and closing 10X easier. In this episode, learn more on understanding the buyer’s journey to make an impact.
  18. The Predictable Revenue Podcast Ep 265: How To Sell Better In An Economic Downturn. Jeff Koser joins Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss how to sell better in an economic downturn. Jeff is the award-winning co-author of “Selling to Zebras” and founder and CEO of Zebrafi. They discuss the impact of recent market changes on B2B sales, why startups are especially vulnerable to these changing conditions and three ways founders can prepare, how to measure where prospects are in their buyer’s journey, and more.
  19. The Modern Selling Podcast: The Great Customer Resignation & How to Reduce Customer Churn with Craig Charlton, #211. Getting prospective customers into the sales funnel is part of the battle, but converting them and keeping them as customers is another challenge. With so many options on the market and an oversaturation of generic sales and marketing messages, the retention strategies and personalization techniques used to retain customers must also evolve. Learn from Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM, on how to boost customer retention.
  20. The Sales Evangelist: The Modern Way to Build Credibility & Rapport. Marketing and sales alignment is pivotal in the modern era of sales. Building credibility and rapport in communication for all departments is essential. In this episode, Donald is joined by the CMO of Growth Stage Marketing, Mark Donnigan, to discuss his take on building rapport while unifying departmental collaboration.
  21. Live Better. Sell Better: Perspective and Environment Prevent Burnout with Erika Davis. This episode features Erika Davis, vice president of GTM strategy at Greaser Consulting and mental health advocate. Knowing the nuances of burnout helps people determine what is truly important to them and how best to manage the stress of sales.
  22. The Learning Leader Ep 491: Matthew Dixon – Overcoming Indecision, Managing Risk, & Taking Control Of The Conversation (The Challenger Sale). Ryan Hawk interviews Matthew Dixon, author of The Challenger Sale, as they discuss the importance of being a Challenger in one’s organization, including offering a new perspective to prospects, understanding what brings buyers value, and more.

We hope you find some great insights and new learnings from the 22 podcast episodes shared. If there’s a new topic or something you want to learn more about on the Sales Enablement PRO podcast, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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