AMA: Illustrating Enablement’s Business Value in 2023

January 26, 2023

11:00 AM ‑ 11:30 AM (PST)

Hear how Briana Bell is showcasing the value of enablement at her organization.

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Proving the value of sales enablement in your business can be a challenge, especially now. What are the best practices for illustrating this value to your stakeholders in 2023?

Join Briana Bell, National Sales Enablement Manager at Everlaw, as she shares how she is planning for 2023 and showcasing value in today’s environment, and ultimately sharing her expertise on why and how enablement will continue to drive value for organizations in 2023 and beyond.

During this Ask Me Anything session, you’ll hear more about:

  • Building your enablement strategy with the right metrics for the year ahead
  • How to effectively communicate the business value of your strategy
  • Ways to market your personal enablement value in today’s environment

During this live session, attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with the expert. Register now and begin thinking of your most relevant questions for Briana!

  • Briana Bell

    North America Sales Enablement Manager Everlaw
    Briana is the North America Sales Enablement Manager for Everlaw. She brings a wealth of experience including sales enablement, business strategy, content, and social media marketing and sales.

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