AMA: Creating a Culture of Learning


April 21, 2022

9:00 AM ‑ 9:30 AM (UTC)

Hear the latest expertise from experts in this Ask Me Anything session

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Deliberately engaging employees through learning allows them to find meaningful purpose in their work. This can only be accomplished with intentional and continuous learning and development for employees to succeed and influence key business results.

Join Dan Storey, Director Of Sales Training, at Finastra as he discusses how he has accomplished this at his organisation. This AMA session will provide a space for a lively discussion on:

  • The importance of a strong learning cultureĀ 
  • Building a growth environment and utilising top-down buy-in
  • Tools for success for engaging and embracing a learning culture in 2022 and beyond
  • Dan Storey

    Director, Sales Training Finastra
    Dan Storey is a sales training and enablement consultant, author of Next Level Persuasion and podcaster at Sales Enabled working with businesses to help them develop their sales and leadership teams.

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