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Founded in 2007

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Artesian is a suite of tools for the enterprise to make prospecting, engaging, and closing more deals easier.


Artesian is an AI-driven service that equips client facing teams with the resources they need to succeed in a modern commercial environment.

Artesian provides the data, real-time insight, and context needed to find customers, create meaningful engagements, sell more and create long-lasting business relationships.

With the use of AI technology layered on top of company information, data, and news, Artesian helps you uncover opportunities, build relationships and accelerate deals.

Artesian continually scans millions of online sources for data on markets, organizations, individuals, and topics, and uses sophisticated algorithms to filter and transform that information into commercially valuable insights.

With Artesian, you can track your customers, prospects, competitors, and partners; spot and capitalize on business opportunities; and manage risks in your pipeline.

Artesian helps drive customer alignment, credibility, competitiveness and client satisfaction.


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