Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2022 Sales Enablement PRO Awards. We received so many incredible and thoughtful nominations and it was inspirational to read about all of the great initiatives accomplished in the past year. 

Nominations for next year’s awards will open in the fall. Check back here for more information at that time.


Sales Productivity


Learn from Amanda Romeo as she shares how her team built an enablement function from the ground up that substantially increased rep productivity at DailyPay.


Sales Proficiency


Hear from Jonathan Hayon as he shares how the Enterprise Networks and Cloud Seller Content team at Cisco relentlessly optimized content for several sales and GTM teams with tried-and-true content and process automation programs.

Sales Performance

Kristen McCrae McMullan at AWS

Learn from Kristen McCrae McMullan as she shares how she uses metrics to quantify the impact of enablement and show the value it brings to an organization, ultimately elevating the profession.


Sales Transformation

HashiCorp Enablement Team

Learn from Stacey Justice and Samantha Thompson as they share how HashiCorp secured executive buy-in, built their enablement function from the ground up, and ultimately transformed the entire field organization.

Enablement Evolution


Hear from Bradford Jordan as he shares how the Slack enablement team has continued to reinvent sales enablement and make their mark with the recent Salesforce acquisition.

Virtual Enablement


Learn from Kim Johnson as she shares how she led the events team at Fastly to be agile and innovative in order to seamlessly execute virtual and hybrid events in a changing world.


Best Enablement Team

Sales Enablement & Development Team at GoCardless

Hear from George Campbell as he shares how the sales enablement and development function was built from scratch to become the core team in supporting the sales function to drive increased productivity and sales opportunities.

Rising Enablement Star

Justin Burney at Workday

Learn from Justin Burney, senior sales effectiveness at Workday, as he shares how he has built a data-driven enablement function to transform the future of enablement.

Enablement Mentorship

Sheevaun Thatcher at RingCentral

Hear from Sheevaun Thatcher, vice president of enablement at RingCentral, as she shares how she led enablement at RingCentral while also continuing to be a mentor and resource for the larger enablement community.

European Enablement Executive of the Year

Laura Valerio at Vodafone

Hear from Laura Valerio, head of global sales enablement at Vodafone, as she shares how she delivered programs that have had a direct impact on the business in driving organizational success at Vodafone.


Enablement Executive of the Year

Jody Kohner at Salesforce

Jody Kohner, executive vice president of global enablement at Salesforce, led the global enablement team in the midst of the pandemic to dramatically reorganize and uplevel enablement efforts at Salesforce through sustained growth and constant change.

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