Lesson 4: Building Your Sales Enablement Technology Stack


Like most departments in modern business organizations, sales enablement is inundated with a host of technology and software solutions. With the multitude of options available to them, sales enablement professionals are responsible for selecting the technology solution that suits the specific needs of their organization. The first step to determining which solution is right for your sales team, and your organization as a whole, is establishing key performance indicators. This lesson covers how to ensure your sales enablement tech stack keeps you driving toward those core KPIs:

  • Understanding the Sales Enablement Technology Landscape: Utilizing these key resources can help paint a picture of the technology landscape for those who are just getting started or expand industry knowledge.
  • Developing Evaluation Criteria: Basing criteria around the business challenges you are trying to solve for the organization ensures that your solution is targeting the right problems.
  • Securing Buy-In: Securing stakeholder buy-in requires a compelling story and solid data to truly justify the budget and resources needed to pursue the investment.
  • Launching New Tools and Driving Adoption: Utilizing a few general principles can ensure that driving adoption across functional departments is as seamless as possible.


One of the key responsibilities of sales enablement is to reduce complexities. Keep in mind, the right solution isn’t always a piece of technology. Continuously assessing the tools within your tech stack is key to maximize the return on investment for adoption and enable sellers to achieve their goals.


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