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After three decades in software, an entrepreneur at first, then an international executive for fast pace Big Tech corporations (Lotus, IBM, Peoplesoft, Sun Microsystems, Sage, Salesforce, Oracle), former EMEA Vice President of Marketing and Global Chief Product Officer, I am thrilled today to help teams of any size thrive in complexity, speed, and change as an optimist trusted advisor, mentor, and coach.


Former EMEA VP of Marketing
Oracle | Salesforce
Paris, France
December, 2014 – December, 2021


Heading EMEA SaaS Marketing to accelerate digital marketing transformation to support Oracle leadership across ERP, HCM, Enterprise Performance Management and Customer Experience (Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, eCommerce, CPQ...) on the cloud.

Optimist Trusted Advisor, Coach & Mentor
Emmanuel Obadia & Partners
Paris, France
December, 2021 – Current


Let me share my passion for how sustainable development transformation combined with accelerated digital disruption is fostering a new world. Growing a profitable business isn’t contradictory to infusing People and the Planet to your company’s purpose and business blueprint. To that end, leveraging innovation and technology is a powerful strategy when co-designing it with your employees and customers creatively. Make it desirable, feasible and viable. I started as an entrepreneur, founding my own software company, and then served major global IT vendors in international roles providing executive leadership for fast pace High Tech businesses in Marketing, Communications, Digital, Business Development, Product Management, M&A, and Alliances roles.

Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Southern & Northern EMEA
Paris, France
April, 2012 – August, 2014


Heading Southern & Northern EMEA Corporate Marketing & Communication Addressing all market segments from VSB to Large Accounts, all industries and the key offering from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Chatter (Secured Enterprise Social Network), and the Salesforce Development Platform (PaaS).


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