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iPresent is a sales enablement platform that empowers companies to publish beautifully designed sets of marketing material and push them out to tablet and mobile users.

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iPresent is an online platform that enables your marketing team to upload and distribute marketing content to your sales team via a customizable app. With iPresent, you not only ensure your sales team have the right content at all times but you also give them the added bonus of being able to wow their customers with a professional fully interactive app experience on their tablet device. iPresent’s many in-app features leave your sales team focused on selling instead of fumbling over printed collateral and paper-based forms.

More than that, iPresent’s powerful analytics give Marketers an insight into how their content really performs out in the field. This invaluable information gives you the insight you need to create more effective collateral in the future which can be easily distributed to your sales team.

iPresent provides the most technically advanced and feature-rich sales enablement platform on the market today.

iPresent has offices in Hampshire, UK and Los Gatos, California.


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