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Founded in 2013

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Allego helps transform organizations with mobile, interactive learning and enablement technology built for today’s distributed teams.

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Allego’s mission is to help sales and other professionals succeed by more effectively accessing, mastering and using knowledge. While traditional sales training jams one-size-fits-all material into marathon sessions that are rapidly obsolete and forgotten, modern learning combines technology and brain science to ensure reps have the skills and timely knowledge to make the most of each selling situation.

Allego’s modern sales learning and enablement platform aims to produce better revenue performance by combining training, practice, coaching, and content sharing into a single app designed for sales teams.

Allego supports all types of learning in an engaging, convenient and effective way through the use of mobile and video. With Allego, sales organizations accelerate time to competency, accurately deliver on message, confidently handle objections, and effectively articulate value.

Allego is available as a native app for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, and can be accessed via laptop or desktop on modern web browsers.


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