Enablement Charter


Lesson 1: Charter Template for Success

The charter provides the foundation from which to build every sales enablement initiative. A successful sales enablement charter aligns stakeholders on the purpose of a sales enablement function, how to reach your goals, and how to measure success.

Lesson 2: Sales Enablement Plan-on-a-Page

A sales enablement plan maps out how to reach key goals and results that practitioners set out for themselves. This simple framework allows practitioners to think through each aspect of the plan to stay organized from start to finish.

Lesson 3: Building a Sales Enablement Budget

Building and earning justification for the sales enablement budget is an essential skill for all sales enablement leaders. Identifying core components of a sales enablement budget and building a business case for that budget is critical to secure the resourcing needed for sales enablement to drive long-term business impact.

Lesson 4: Building Your Sales Enablement Team to Support the Charter

This lesson provides a framework for identifying key sales enablement needs, as well as roles that could meet these needs or mitigate roadblocks. Based on these common team roles within sales enablement, consider the benefits of adding each to your team in order to build an effective sales enablement function.