Building Collaborative Relationships


Lesson 1: (How to Manage) Sales Enablement Stakeholders

Knowing the key responsibilities of roles across the organization that sales enablement is responsible for is essential to collaborate with stakeholders effectively. Learn how these common stakeholder roles vary, and how sales enablement can productively interact with each.

Lesson 2: Nurturing The Sales Enablement Ecosystem

Sales enablement can play a core role in breaking down organizational silos and encouraging cross-functional collaboration across an organization. Learn about some of the teams that sales enablement can partner with across the company to drive results.

Lesson 3: Building Professional Relationships

Building relationships in a thoughtful manner is essential to positioning yourself as a trusted advisor or thoughtful business partner within your organization. Learn how to nurture professional relations through focus on being present, communicating clearly, and listening intently.

Lesson 4: Cross-Functional Best Practices

As sales enablement is uniquely positioned to support multiple teams across an organization, collaboration skills are essential. Learn how practitioners can encourage open communication and collaboration to drive alignment and create synergy.