In an increasingly digital world, the ability to conduct business virtually is a necessary reality across organizations and business functions — and sales enablement is no exception. In order to drive agility among the teams they support, many practitioners are discovering the importance of pivoting to virtual enablement programs.

What is Virtual Enablement?

Virtual enablement efforts extend far beyond merely shifting enablement programs to an online environment. Rather, it’s critical for sales enablement leaders to firmly grasp the common challenges of virtual conditions and learn how best to overcome them. When implemented effectively, virtual enablement promotes scalability, flexibility, and diversity within sales teams.

Virtual enablement encompasses myriad components, including:

Onboarding remote sales forces

Sales enablement must put in the work to ensure new sales reps are warmly welcomed to the team. When teams are unable to meet in person, it is all the more important to keep new hires engaged, excited, and prepared for success through remote onboarding.

Virtual sales training sessions

Remote learning can present unique challenges, especially in maintaining interactivity, holding focus, and facilitating practice. Sales enablement practitioners must incorporate a multitude of teaching techniques to avoid fatigue among trainees.

Remote sales coaching

Coaching for the purpose of continual improvement is at the heart of a strategic virtual enablement program. Maintaining a strong coaching program in virtual environments is critical to help sellers continually refine their skills and keep pace with change.

Digital tools and solutions

All sellers should be equipped with the tools necessary to self-learn, interact with their peers, and efficiently engage with their customers. These tools should enable optimal organization and accessibility and contribute to their confidence in the field.

Digital selling

As buyers are becoming increasingly more reliant on digital communication, mature virtual selling techniques are quickly becoming table stakes for success in the modern sales climate. Sales teams need to develop expertise on how to sell in remote environments, and sales enablement is critical to driving these best practices among the teams they support.

Tailored digital content

As sellers have more frequent online or digital engagements with customers, they should be equipped with new and relevant content in order to maximize the efficiency of their engagements. Sales enablement should tailor this content to meet the unique and evolving needs of their sellers and customers.

Digital Sales Enablement Statistics

Trending Towards Virtual

It’s estimated that 25-30% of the workforce will work from home several days a week by the end of 2021, says Global Workplace Analytics.
is how much a typical employer can save for every person who works remotely half the time, according to Global Workplace Analytics.
Those that effectively utilize tools for sales plays experience win rates that are 8 percentage points higher than those that do not, according to the State of Sales Enablement Report, 2020.


What have been your team’s biggest challenges adapting to a virtual sales enablement environment?

Onboarding & Training Expertise

laura welch podcast

Remote Sales Training Techniques

Ensuring that onboarding is digestible, highly interactive, and most importantly enjoyable is critical in a remote environment. Laura Welch offers some key tips on delivering sales training to a remote workforce:

  • With new hires, lessen the impact of information overload with gamification
  • Measure the impact of your sales enablement process through correlation of seller quota attainment and training completion
  • Utilize podcasts and videos to supplement ongoing training materials that sellers can easily access

Tips to Enhance Virtual Learning

Virtual sales onboarding and training efforts require a fresh, creative mindset to be successful and memorable. Here are some innovative ways to engage with your sellers in a virtual environment:

  • For the first week of training activities, send out a package that includes a new prop for each day—utilize the props in your daily lesson to hold their attention
  • Use break-out rooms for essential interactive sales training exercises, such as objection handling and role-playing
  • Lessen burn-out by adhering to a strict agenda and incorporating several breaks throughout

Digital Selling Expertise

Customer-Centricity in a Virtual World

Buyers expectations have changed and are, in many ways, greater than they were before due to limited interactions with sellers. Here are some techniques from expert Rebecca Bell to remain customer centric within an online experience:

  • Leave your camera on when engaging with customers to create deeper empathic connections
  • Focus on personalizing your message with a customer by understanding what their needs and objectives are before meetings occur

Steps to Building a Digital Selling Program

Digital selling programs are not just a matter of current circumstance—it is a soon-to-be requirement for many organizations in order to stay competitive. Here are a few transformative steps in building a digital selling program:

  • Build a digital toolkit that includes social networking, content distribution, and video acceleration
  • Ensure your content is suited for numerous selling scenarios
  • Ensure sellers have the ability to identify and map buyers based on data details
digital selling

The Skills Sellers Need in a Virtual World

As digital selling is on the rise, the skills of sellers should evolve and adapt accordingly. Here are some of the skills, as well as the techniques for acquiring those skills, that sales enablement can implement:

  • Hard skills should encompass proficiency in the tools and technology required to sell on digital channels
  • Soft skills should include mastery of advanced interpersonal techniques, as communication formats are drastically changing
  • Sales enablement is well-positioned to hone these new necessary skills, through a variety of assessment and evaluation techniques


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