Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for our inaugural Sales Enablement PRO Awards. We received so many incredible and thoughtful nominations and it was inspirational to read about all of the great initiatives accomplished in the past year. 

Nominations for next year’s awards will open in the fall. Check back here for more information at that time.


Sales Performance

Jason Salfen at Salesforce

Learn how Salesforce built an enablement machine that achieved significant year-over-year growth and surpassed it’s targets by delivering programs that led with empathy and compassion in the midst of a global pandemic.

Sales Proficiency

Global Sales Enablement Team at Poly

Find out how Poly delivers a powerful collection of learning engagements designed to keep sales reps focused on selling, while infusing their sales process with insights, tools, process improvements, and hands-on time with subject matter experts.

Sales Productivity

Ken Blank at Infoblox

Find out how Infoblox revamped their on-demand enablement portal to deliver the right content to sales reps when the need it and increased usage across their sales team.


Content & Guidance

Amanda Dossey at Terminus

Learn how Terminus successfully implemented a sales enablement platform and content strategy that maximized content usage, delivered effective sales plays, unified onboarding, and drove tangible business results.


Phil Cleary at Salesforce APAC

Find out how Salesforce designed, planned and executed a Sales Leader Enablement program for leaders across the APAC region. Despite facing challenges around pivoting to a virtual strategy, the team delivered virtual sessions that developed talent and drove pipeline.


Amanda Romeo at DailyPay

Find out how DailyPay built their onboarding program and delivered ongoing training & coaching programs, while learning how to be adaptable in the midst of change.



John Dougan, Karl Jarrett, and Stojan Zrnic at Workday

Find out how Workday upleveled their sales coaching programs and maximized team performance with a new coaching program that delivered better coaching for both frontline managers and sales reps.


Meg Hall at Coupa

Find out how Coupa took a personalization approach to their sales engagement programs and increased buyer engagement by more than 600%.


Sales Collaboration

Learning & Development Team at Zebra Technologies

In today’s busy work environment, it can be hard to get sales reps to find time to complete trainings. Find out how Zebra’s Learning & Development Team developed a global initiative and created a comprehensive, self-guided and instructor-led training program for sales reps.

Sales Agility

Sean Huston at JLL

Learn how JLL improved their sales training program and drove sales proficiency. Working remotely across multiple continents, the team built a program that ensured that training was fully embedded in sales behaviors across their global sales team.

Virtual Enablement

Minette Chan at Visa

Find out how Visa delivered an on-demand, mobile-friendly, and personalized sales learning program that drove tangible business results across the organization.


Sales Enablement Team

Zoom Sales Enablement

Learn how Zoom ramped new hires, re-trained reps and managers, and scaled at a lightning pace to help keep the world connected during the pandemic in the midst of adapting to the remote work environment.

Rising Sales Enablement Star

Nick Pilditch at Advanced

Learn how rising star Advanced successfully accelerated over 30 value creation programs and used cross-departmental collaboration as a way of scaling and delivered a blended learning approach that drove sales excellence.

Executive of the Year

Werner Schmidt at Sage

With over 2,000 sales reps and over 1000 partners, Sage had to find a way to deliver strategic enablement programs virtually over the last year. Find out how their executive leaders pivoted to a virtual strategy and used new technologies and innovative ways to virtually collaborate and train sales teams.

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