Survey: State of Sales Enablement 2022 –Financial Services

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For the past seven years, the State of Sales Enablement Report has tracked the growth of sales enablement as it has become a demonstrated lever for revenue growth across organizations of all sizes, geographies, and industries. This year’s report will build on those insights and explore enablement’s momentum – highlighting the specific ways that enablement can strengthen revenue teams to drive consistent business performance. We are particularly interested in understanding the role of sales enablement in the financial services industry.

This survey aims to uncover the strategies that enablement professionals in financial services are using to enhance their business impact across five sections:

  • Business Results: How enablement influences critical business metrics, and how similar organizations compare.
  • Sales Environment: The current sales environment, including challenges and opportunities, that businesses are facing.
  • Sales Enablement Structure: How sales enablement operates within an organizational structure.
  • Technology: How companies leverage various technologies for sales enablement.
  • Collaboration: How sales enablement collaborates with other functions within an organization.

The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete, and your responses are kept confidential. As a thank you for your participation, each valid participant who completes the entire survey will receive a $25 Amazon gift card once the study is closed and no longer accepting responses, along with an exclusive copy of the report when it is completed.

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