Survey: Sales Enablement Analytics 2022

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As organizations navigate economic uncertainty, sales enablement must be able to track the business impact of its efforts to prove the value of enablement investments. This survey aims to provide insight into the metrics practitioners are currently using to measure the success of sales enablement efforts, while demonstrating the impact on the business’s bottom line. Insights captured from this survey and our focus group will be used to produce the fourth annual Sales Enablement Analytics Report.

The survey questions will examine metrics across three core categories:

  • Sales Performance: The key metrics that demonstrate pipeline health and the performance of revenue teams.
  • Sales Proficiency: The onboarding, training, and coaching metrics that are important for success.
  • Sales Productivity: Analytics used to track sales efficiency and effectiveness.

By contributing your expertise to this brief survey, you will help us amplify best practices and justify sales enablement’s seat at the table. All participants that fully complete the survey will receive 200 PRO Points to be used in our online store. Participants will also receive complimentary access to the full report.

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