Survey: Enablement in Enterprise Organizations

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Enabling sellers at enterprise organizations is a unique challenge, especially given the major shift to digital selling. Enablement teams in enterprise organizations can reshape the buyer experience this year and drive more business impact by integrating the right technology and processes to provide customer-facing teams with the resources they need to succeed.

We are partnering with Concentrix Catalyst to learn more about the enablement priorities and investments in enterprise sales organizations this year.

This research brief aims to uncover:

  • Key investments for enterprise organizations in sales enablement in the next year
  • Current trends in leveraging sales technology
  • How organizations are planning to evolve their sales segmentation strategies in the next year
  • How sales enablement leaders are adapting to a digital buyer experience

We encourage you to take this brief survey. All qualified survey participants who complete the survey will receive a $25 Amazon gift card once the entire survey concludes and a copy of the final research brief as a thank you for your collaboration. Your participation is highly valued.

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