The Sales Kickoff 101 Guide

Sales culture is one of the core areas sales enablement can impact to retain good talent. Scale a positive sales culture with a dynamic sales kickoff.

Sales Kickoff: An Opportunity to Kick-Start Culture Change

Sales kickoff can be a catalyst to create a culture that is more inclusive, flexible, and collaborative. Learn how in this article.

Episode 110: Jamin Fochtman on How to Host an Engaging Sales Kickoff in 2020

Jamin Fochtman shares advice on how to plan and execute a successful sales kickoff in a virtual environment.

Episode 111: Michelle Dotson on Delivering Your Sales Kickoff Virtually

Michelle Dotson shares some of her key learnings from planning and executing a virtual sales kickoff for Zoom.

The Virtual Sales Kickoff: Best Practices for Before, During, and After

Learn how to deliver a virtual SKO, with tips for before, during, and after to ensure a comprehensive experience for revenue teams.

Episode 127: Tisha Garza on Strengthening Soft Skills with Enablement

Tisha Garza shares advice on how to utilize sales enablement programs to help reps build soft skills, including how to measure improvement.

Episode 54: Robert Koehler on Training Beyond One-Time Events

Robert Koehler shares tips for implementing continuous training, supporting frontline managers, and measuring the impact of learning initiatives.

Episode 122: Mike Rioux on Data-backed Onboarding and Training

Mike Rioux dives into how to set new hires up for success through onboarding and reinforce skills with ongoing training.

Sales Enablement Soiree – Keynote: 5 Winning Sales Enablement Strategies

Jim Lundy, the founder and CEO at Aragon Research, talks about five sales enablement strategies to implement to help sales win.