How to Plan a Successful Sales Kickoff

Learn four key best practices to consider when first crafting a new SKO event, and download the planning checklist to kickstart efforts.

Sales Kickoff Planning: A Comprehensive Checklist

Sales kickoffs present an unmatched opportunity to catalyze action against strategic goals. Learn how to plan effectively with our checklist.

The Sales Kickoff 101 Guide

Sales culture is one of the core areas sales enablement can impact to retain good talent. Scale a positive sales culture with a dynamic sales kickoff.

4 Sales Kickoff Challenges to Overcome in 2022

Throughout the planning process, enablement teams should consider the challenges of throwing a successful SKO to mitigate them.

Episode 110: Jamin Fochtman on How to Host an Engaging Sales Kickoff in 2020

Jamin Fochtman shares advice on how to plan and execute a successful sales kickoff in a virtual environment.

Sales Kickoff: An Opportunity to Kick-Start Culture Change

Sales kickoff can be a catalyst to create a culture that is more inclusive, flexible, and collaborative. Learn how in this article.

Sales Kickoff Agenda: Creating an Engaging Event From Start to Finish

Crafting an impactful sales kickoff (SKO) agenda that focuses on engaging reps is critical in prepping sales teams with the tools they need.

Episode 148: Callie Apt on Strategies to Elevate the Impact of Virtual Sales Kickoffs

Callie Apt shares best practices for planning and delivering an effective virtual sales kickoff, including tips to drive manager support.

Episode 111: Michelle Dotson on Delivering Your Sales Kickoff Virtually

Michelle Dotson shares some of her key learnings from planning and executing a virtual sales kickoff for Zoom.

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