Sales Enablement PRO Awards 2021: Innovating Sales Training Collaboration at Zebra

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Congratulations to Sales Enablement PRO Award winners from Zebra Technologies. Learn more about the Sales Collaboration award winning initiative below.

Fiona Gore: Wow. What can I say? We, as a team are delighted to have won the award for innovation and sales collaboration. On behalf of Zebra Technologies and the sales enablement team, we are honored and excited to have our Earn Your Stripes sales enablement program recognized by Sales Enablement PRO, and to be amongst so many great award-winning submissions. The program was developed in conjunction with the client facing business to up-skill hours at Braze on five key areas: industry, sales skills, core products, solution products, and our technical skills for our specialist technical sales advisors.

I’d like to share with you the video we created to introduce the program to the teams globally. Your journey to enhanced expertise starts here every day. You help our customers capture their edge. Now it’s time to capture yours. These are my stripes, very many like them. But these ones are mine. Equipped phones on the front lines of their industry, with the gear they need to carry out their mission. This is my mission. I have the knowledge and expertise to identify the right tools to outfit my customers with power and innovation. When they need me, I’m there to back them up. I know my strength as an individual impacts the resilience of many.

What I add to the team in turn bolsters me as an individual, supplying me with loyalty, my unique position and skill set defines my place in the larger formation. My personal progress moves the needle for our whole company. I may be just starting my journey. I am a leader. I stepped fearlessly into new territory. I carve out parts that at the time may be unclear to others. I’m the expert that fills our technology with purpose, meaning, and context, so that when our solutions meet the world in the hands of their users, no obstacle stands in the way of things.

Are you ready to earn your stripes? What we all know has been a challenging year, often, great things are born and that I believe is what happened with Earn Your Stripes. We have issued over 1,100 stripes to date. This means that our sales and technical teams are more skilled than ever. As we move through each step of the program, each individual has been taken through online learning modules. They have sent competency questionnaires, and where I feel this program has absolutely stood out is we have then asked them to submit proficiency assessments in the form of videos. This has really cemented their learning. It is then and only then if they have passed this stage that they are awarded that stripe.

This has been a truly collaborative effort. As all these things are without the strong leadership team that have driven this down through their management and the entire sales enablement team. I have to say, I am truly proud to lead. We would not today be able to say look what we have done with Earn Your Stripes in 2020, I would like to thank everyone that has played a part in making this come to life.

As we move into 2021, I have no doubt this will only grow on behalf of Zebra. I’d like to thank Sales Enablement PRO for their recognition. And a huge congratulations to all the winners of all the Sales Enablement PRO awards. I obviously would also like to thank all the Zebras who in 2020, went through the program and earned their Stripe. We are really excited to take this program into 2021.

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