Nominate Women Making an Impact in Enablement in 2022

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Every year, Women’s History Month takes place in March to honor and reflect upon the tremendous growth, contributions, and advancements women have made in education, the workforce, and society.

This year, Sales Enablement PRO aims to recognize and honor the women in the enablement industry who have made an incredible impact in the field. With your help, we’ll be highlighting the 22 women who have led and achieved outstanding progress in enablement over the past year to move the needle for their companies and accelerate enablement’s momentum.

The Process

  • Nomination: Now through March 18, we want to hear from you. Nominate yourself, a female colleague, peer, or customer doing incredible work in sales enablement for the advancement of women within the field.
  • Evaluation: Nominations will be reviewed and selected by Sales Enablement PRO.
  • Announcement of Winners: The winners will be announced on March 30.

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