[Webinar] Measuring Enablement’s Impact on the Revenue Organization


January 12, 2022

10:00 AM ‑ 11:00 AM (PST)

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As sales enablement’s role in enhancing the performance of sales teams matures, enablement is expanding to work with teams across the revenue engine in order to optimize the buyer’s journey end-to-end. With that responsibility, the need for sales enablement to ensure it can measure the impact of its efforts across the organization is crucial – now more than ever.

  • Olivia Fuller

    Sales Enablement PRO
  • Bill Ball

    Bill Ball

    Sales Enablement Society
  • Stacey Justice

    VP, Sales Enablement & Productivity HashiCorp
    Stacey is currently serving as the VP, Enablement & Productivity at HashiCorp. In this role, she is responsible for training the global field organization to be the most successful, disciplined and professional enterprise team in the industry. Prior to HashiCorp, she led the sales strategy team at Workfront, the category-leading work management platform acquired by Adobe in 2020. She brings a wealth of experience in tech sales strategy, marketing and enablement in high-growth, SaaS companies.
  • Pam Dake

    Sales Enablement Leader
    As the leader for Training & Enablement at Fairmarkit, Pam focuses on aligning, educating and enabling all internal stakeholder teams to better understand the customer journey in order to see how their roles can positively impact and influence the experience along the way in driving meaningful, long-lasting, and growing relationships over time.

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