[Webinar] Speaking to the C-Suite: Selling Executives on Sales Enablement


October 13, 2022

6:00 PM ‑ 6:30 PM (UTC)

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There are many good reasons for sales enablement – increasing efficiency, driving revenue, and even improving company culture and morale. But how do you justify these benefits to executives in the C-Suite?

In this session, featuring Bruce Daley, Sr. Research Analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence, you will learn how to speak their language and communicate the value of sales enablement to various stakeholders. You will discover new ways of aligning your team and your reps with larger organizational initiatives, help set strategy, and manage up better. You will also take away such life skills as:

  • Framing your initiatives in terms executives understand
  • Creating winning presentations by making their job easier
  • Reporting your progress to win a permanent seat at the table

Don’t miss out on this webinar that will help your company and your career today and in the future!


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